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    well take a look at ad astra's website they have quite a lot of images of the ships from the honorverse and thou the basic over all shape is simular from class to class
    the profiles of the ships and the visual dynamics are actually striking as presented.

    the grav fields on a ship are quite large and therefore normaly forgone in any artwork of the ships (the drive bands are 100s of meters away from the vessel as i recall)

    smaller ships like destroyers tend to be quite flatish with very long squat hammmer heads wheras larger vessles cruiser to dreadnaught are very round with broad hammerheads manticoran vessles are more rounded in thier overall form and peoples republic ships much more boxy and squared off.

    i honestly considered trying my hand at makeing some paper models of these a while back but i am not real good at 3d design thou i am a decent photoshop artist....

    ill help anybody that wants to take up the torch on making the ships anyway i can
    with textures or even (modifyed) illistrations of the vessles i have diagrams of.

    any takers?
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    well me and photoshop sat down and i started messing with basic shapes for a destroyer build. this is the resulting model this thing is not nearly dynamic enough for me to be real happy thou it gives me some practice at paper model creation (as i cant seem to figure out how to make digital models) this is my only recourse.

    the next development will have some arcs in it. methinks.
    also i rushed thru the surface detail cause for this one testing the shape was more important...
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    heres the improved destroyer and i just printed a light cruiser at the moment im just building generic ship classes but intend to get some nation specific design features on to my greeblies page soon

    the above model has a magnet in for diffrent positions and the flight stand has a magnet at the top so she can sit on her nose back or tail as well as normal additude.
    the intention is to build a 6 position flight stand and therefore be able to achive any additude available in the ship combat game.

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