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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Gearz, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Gearz

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    Just a reference material request, for a future model project.

    I can't say that I'm all that familiar with the David Weber 'Honor Harrington' series, although it has an interesting story line and certainly an extensive fan base. I guess the ships aren't what you'd call spectacular, Ideal for card model subjects though.

    To cut it short, i fidded with an Airship mesh, and with a minor bit of tweaking it made an idea base for several of the 'Honorverse' ships. There's plenty of reference material out there, unfortunately the price tag for much of the gaming stuff, is WAY above my budget. SOooo..

    Do any HH fans out there have a graphic that I could use, to scale some of the ships in relation to each other, i.e.. A group / fleet profile graphic..? anything of that sort.

    Thank for any assistance


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  2. Coot59

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  3. Gearz

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    Thanks for the link coot59, those pics were just what I was looking for. :thumb::thumb:
  4. Hot4Darmat

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    Hey Gearz I've already made a couple of these meshes but never got around to texturing them. PM me and I can send the stuff to you to play with.
  5. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Yes please mate - PM sent.:thumb:
  6. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Fantastic! I've wanted some HH stuff for a while, ever since I saw a picture of the battlecruisers. They'd be great for war gaming, especially the kind of war gaming *I'm* into. :mrgreen:
  7. Kjev

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    I've got a friend who's nuts about Honor Harrington. I looked at some of the schematics in one of the novels, and was a little disappointed. From the schematics, it looked like the same shape, bigger or smaller for different ships.

    Although the tech involved was intriguing. What the heck is a "Grazer" anyway?

    I'd love to build one of these for him, though.
  8. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    K'Jev lol yep, you have to love the terminology they come up with in SF stories. One of my Fav's is from an old puppet series, Space Patrol ( Planet Patrol in the USA) Forget your plain old gamma ray's, they had 'YOBBA' ray's..

    Thanks ekuth :thumb::mrgreen::thumb:

    For anyone thats not familiar with the Honor Harrington SF series, free downloadable versions of the original novels are available HERE

    Read away..
  9. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    Weber usually has pretty good technology in his books. The pumped X-Ray laser sounded brutal. I just wondered what it was and how it worked.

    The old Battlestar Galactica series was good for this too. "What time is it?"
    "I don't know, let me check my chronomicron." [Looks at watch]

    Of course, someday they'll say "The Lord of The Rings" had hokey special effects, too.
  10. Dracofunk

    Dracofunk New Member

    Bomb pumped x-ray lasers are something that could actually be built today they just aren't something we would be able to aim at anything. Basically you blow up a nuke and channel the released x-rays through a tube that amount of released energy will lase. A graser is a gamma-ray laser, using gamma-rays as opposed to visual light.
  11. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Hey thanks Dracofunk, a 'Grazer' is a Gamma ray laser eh.. I haven't had the time to read the series as yet, although just from a cursory pass over the reference material I've collected, they seem to be used as 'close in' support weapon. ( possibly)

    Slightly OT..

    The 'imagined' type and use of weaponry in the SF genre, has always had me confused, well.. in the recent movie / television stuff anyway - It seems to be rather unimaginative ( ironic). Of all our advances in technology so far, explosives have advanced the furthest and quickest ( rather sad indictment) You'd think by the time we reached a Star Trek / B5 / BSG type era, we'd have some pretty horrendous weaponry at our disposal. Hell we're exploring the possibility of antimatter bombs even NOW.

    I know Its all 'Hollywood Physics' and tongue in cheek '' space warfare'' but I think some of the franchises have missed the boat in certain areas. If you can travel at light speed and control mass + inertia, why bother fiddling about with prissy little light beams and explosives.

    Why not start chucking asteroids or small moons at the bad guys, restoring /re-instating / giving back..? the mass + inertia a millisecond before impact..? I don't think ''shield's'' of any type would be of much use, if you were clobbered with a trillion trillion tones of rock going C+. I guess one could argue that standard weaponry would always be necessary for tactical situations, however the bad guys may think twice if the standard greeting was '' Be good boys, or we'll start slinging moons at your home world'' Perhaps ruthless, but probably effective.

    Hmmm if you had the technology to travel at C, and negate/control mass + inertia, it probably wouldn't even have to be an actual moon. You could just pelt off a torpedo and GIVE it the mass + inertia of a moon before impact...

    oooO... time for my meDICa t i o n.. :razz:

    I guess I'm just confusing possibility with entertainment.
  12. Kjev

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    Dracofunk, thanks for the info on the grazer. Weber never really explained what it was. Sounds a lot like the Yamato Cannon in Starcraft: Detonate a nuke, focus the blast into a beam with intense magnetic sheilds, (pray the shields hold) and Zap, instant obliteration.

    Gearz, I agree. Of course, if two warring countries manage to demolish the entire planet . . . .

    And I've heard of it before, but it's another one of those things I never quite understood.

    What is "C"?
  13. Dracofunk

    Dracofunk New Member

    Well in the Honor books that's why the x-ray laser are on the missiles, a milisecond after the x-rays lase, through the focus tube, the tube is destroyed by the nuke, although in an earlier novel by Weber and Steve White there was an alien that used an internal chamber to do just that as a ship-borne weapon. There was a 1% chance of catastrophic failure, then the ship would just blow up.

    Of course all these weapons always follow the principal of "plot".
  14. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Technically, it's "c", but I think that's what you and Gearz meant (C+ is a programming language btw, which resulted in a somewhat confused look on my face for about a millisecond before I realized what he actually meant).

    It's basically the shorthand variable for lightspeed, which is a universal constant of 299,792,458 meters per second. :cool:
  15. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Actually Gearz, what you're talking about is the use of "mass drivers".

    Take a rock or other object, spin it up and release... the resultant kinetic release of energy would be devestating... regardless of the size of the object used. Even tiny particles could be lethal.

    Actually, I give Babylon 5 props for using this idea in the series: The Centauri actually bombard the Narn homeworld using mass drivers.

    But then with Harlan Ellison as technical consultant... :mrgreen:
  16. Retired_for_now

    Retired_for_now New Guy

    There're only a few "hard" sci-fi space operas with decent physics. The problem is breaking out of today's frame. Weber does a pretty good job, Scott Westerfield (Risen Empire; Killing of Worlds), Iain Banks (Culture novels), Ken McCloud (Cassini Division), Charles Stross (Eschaton story lines), and LE Modesitt (sci-fi novels obviously, not the fantasy) do a good job of getting beyond the missile and death ray model as well as incorporating realistic orbital dynamics. Nano-tech, morphing structures, throwing rocks (big kinetics), communication/information fusion and cutting edge physics. Of course, in twenty years they will probably look a bit like "steam-punk" tech as well.

  17. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Dracofunk - I only had a passing interest in the Honor series, spaceships = card models etc.. although the more I pick up, the more I want to start reading the books. Some of the weaponry may have the '' Acme Never Fail Armaments'' factor, but then again, most of the SF good guys weapons all come from that factory. Sounds like an engaging story line. Thanks for the info. :thumb:

    Ekuth, MF.. ArrrRRrrr..Mass Drivers eh. That explains why Londo looked so concerned when he learn one was going to be used against the Narn. It would be a particularly nasty weapon used that way. So all in all, those 'Never fail' inertial dampeners and artificial gravity technologies do have a lot of ( underutilized) weapon potential. You know, Its times like this that I really wish I'd majored in any subject other than truancy. And yes MF, lol I see what you mean, I'll have to stop using pigeon notations in my posts. Baaad habit .

    You see boys and girls! this is what happens to you, when you don't eat your vegetables!!

    Hey RFN - Thanks for the heads up on the reading material. This Honorverse topic has certainly tweaked my interest, so i'll be tracking those titles / authors down.
  18. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    Sorry for the confusion. I know what C++ is. Even tried to learn it once. I did mean "c." I thought it meant light speed but wasn't sure.

    As far as interesting Sci-Fi tech, Ian Douglas' "Heritage" trilogy, followed by the "Star Corps" trilogy have some pretty good ideas. He follows several centuries of man's history in space, so the science advances accordingly. By the time you get to the latest trilogy, it's a universe away from where he started. Sharuq and Stingray are a duology (biology?) that deal with underwater subfighter combat (might make for some good models). He also writes under the names "Bill Keith," and "William H. Keith."--Same guy who's written some of the Bolos work.

    Back on topic, I think Honor's cigar fleet would make some good models that would be fairly easy builds. And hey, you could present them as a christmas present in a box full of cubans! (The cigar that is)
  19. deniper

    deniper Member

    the honorverse is quite well thought out and since the saganami island tactical simulator game came out a lot of the gaffs in the numbers where pointed out and addressed by ken burnside et all.

    would really love to see some good size starships from teh honor verse published as paper models

    a manti and peep destoryer would be a great pair. for starters :D

    of course im not thinking at all of doing a macro game useing them during a convention not even a little bit....
  20. Daikhovalin

    Daikhovalin New Member

    I always thought the Honor Harrington novels were a fun read. The ships might not be much fun to look at though. They are basically a cylinder with a hammerhead at each end. On second thought, the laser/missile tube broadsides could look spiffy depending on how they were done. Could probably have fun with the colors/textures with each star nation (and/or ship) having it's own coat of arms and color scheme.

    If I remember right, the ships were propelled by gravity fields or some such that formed a wedge-shape around the ship. It might be fun to do that with some pearlescent transparent sheets. Also, the ships towed large numbers of missile pods in the later books.

    If someone does make one of these, please post a pic/link over in Weber's forum on the Baen boards. I'm sure he and the HH fans would get a kick out of it.


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