HOn30 wheel troubles

Discussion in 'Narrow Gauge Model Railroading' started by tsschult, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. tsschult

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    For the first time, I'm experimenting in HOn30. I got the Grandt Line 23 ton boxcab in HOn3, and was planning on simply pushing in the wheels a bit. I saw other conversions online, and it seemed that was all they did.

    I'm having two troubles. The first is that one of the axles seems to be defective--one of the wheels is not squarely mounted and everything wobbles.

    However, before I try to get new parts, I seem to have a bigger problem. My track is Atlas N scale code 80. When the 23 tonner's wheels are properly gauged to ride the track, the inside of the flanges hang up in the switch flangeways.

    Do I need to get some different wheels with a smaller flange profile or is there some other trick for making things work?
  2. nachoman

    nachoman Guest

    hmm. Is it that the flanges are too wide and not too deep? NWSL offers a variety of wheelsets, and they may have one that fits. the problem is the grandt wheels need the gear on the outside for their drive system...

    The Grandt drive system is noisy and not that great. It may be easier to find an N scale 4-wheel switcher, take the shell off, and mount the boxcab atop the chasis.

    Oh, and the grandt wobbling wheels? Mine do that, too.

  3. tsschult

    tsschult New Member

    You are right--the flanges are too wide, not too deep. Exploring NWSL's offerings might be worth it.

    I'm leaning towards the N-scale switcher solution, but wouldn't the wheels then be out of proportion to the locomotive (too small)? Of course, I'm going for a funky narrow gauge industrial look, so who cares...

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