hon30 or 009 any ideas?

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by sdickson0211, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. sdickson0211

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    hey im rebuilding my hon30 or 009 (whichever you prefer) narrow gauge setup its an odd shape but it fits in my garage.
    pic below
    any ideas for improvement?
  2. RailRon

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    Sorry stew, but there's no pic to see... (not even the red X) :( :(
    For posting a pic, just follow the instructions in this thread!

    But say, you just made me curious about your H0n30 layout.

    BTW: As far as I know, '009' was one of the first designations for today's N scale, (mainly used in the UK, sometimes also referred to as '000' scale by the Brits). N scale track has a gauge of 9 millimeters, therefore the designation '009' - and 'N' stands for 'Nine', of course.
    The modeling scale of N models is 1:160 (strange enough, in the UK '009' and '000' was scaled to 1:144 :confused: ). But 'H0n30' is narrow gauge, modeled in H0 scale (1:87) - and a 30" track gauge translates to 9 mm. Therefore H0n30 trains are running on N scale track. (End of dissertation :D :D :D )

  3. sdickson0211

    sdickson0211 New Member


    thanx for the reply
    damm didn't read the upload error message! heres the pic,
    so where does the name HOe come into the dissertation (euro format)?

    the area highlighted is actually about 6 inches higher than the rest hence the tunnelled line just beneath it.

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  4. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Sorry, Ron, but OO9 has always been OO scale on 9mm track.
    Stew: HOe comes from etroit (French for narrow). HOm is metre gauge in HO scale (not sure what gauge is used).
  5. sdickson0211

    sdickson0211 New Member

    ok thanks for the dissertation guys, has anybody got any ideas for the track though? pics above in last post.
    thanks stew
  6. RailRon

    RailRon Active Member

    Thank you for the clarification, David. As I posted above, I wasn't quite 100 % sure about this '009' - but now I know. After all, that's the fine thing at the Gauge: You always learn new things.

    H0e is the normal designation for H0n30 in Europe, and there are quite a lot of models around. Famous are the models of Austrian and Swiss 2-1/2 ft narrow gauge trains by Liliput. In German the 'e' stands for 'eng', also meaning narrow.

    H0m track gauge is 12 mm, so you could use TT gauge track and running mechanisms (if you still find them) or you buy models (mainly Swiss narrow gauge) made by Bemo (not exactly cheap models, though).

    your pic is very small, so I can't see any details. So it's difficult to comment about it.
    Is the black bordered rectangle in the upper right the free aisle space for you? In this case I think it could be difficult to reach the tracks along the lower and left wall. Or do you plan to includ pop-up openings in the bis white areas?

  7. I'm thinking of eventually having an OO9 hillclimbing model of the Battasia Loop of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railroad In India(!), which is pretty darn obscure for someone living in the States. Note that OO9's actual scale is off by one real world millimeter for the DHR. (the 2-foot gauge would would be 8 mm in OO9, I'll live with the difference :D )
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