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    Here are a few shots of my latest project--an HOn30 0-4-0 "gypsy" logging engine.

    The engine is freelance, based on lumber locomotives used on California's northern coast from the 1880s to the 1930s. Small rod engines like this were built by a number of manufacturers, including Baldwin and Vulcan, but local manufacturers like Eureka Iron Works and the Samoa shops (and local company shops) turned out small special-purpose locos like this one.

    It is based on elements from several prototype locomotives, including Mattole Lumber Co. #1 at the CSRM, the "Falk" and "Gypsy" at Fort Humboldt State Historic Park, and Arcata & Mad River Railroad 1 and 2. I have lettered it for my as-yet-unconstructed mini logging layout, the Burke Lumber Company, a freelance line based on Humboldt County logging lines.

    The model represented is a wood-burning tank engine, modified with a "gypsy" steam donkey attachment. The gears and capstans on the front of the engine could be connected to the power of the steam engine, allowing the engine to serve as a steam donkey to haul huge logs onto logging cars.

    The model was built using a Bachmann 0-4-0 chassis. The boiler/tank is .010" styrene wrapped around the original Bachmann lead weight, and the body is constructed mostly of styrene, with a little bit of brass strip and wire. The steam dome and donkey gearing were bashed from a Rio Grande winch kit, and the stack, headlights and some other body details were taken from an MDC Shay superdetailing kit. The steam whistle and bell are Cal-Scale brass detail parts. The unpainted photos make it clear what is made out of what...

    I may still add a set of trailing trucks if I can figure out a way to do it securely--I think that rear coupler is going to cause problems with derailments on the sharp curves I intend for my mini logging layout, so I may have to experiment further. This is my first attempt at scratchbuilding a steam engine, done largely without plans other than a few prototype photos to act as guidelines.

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  2. Ray Marinaccio

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    Interesting loco Jetrock.
    Nice job. :thumb:
  3. neilmunck

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    That is great. I hava always wanted one of those. Maybe i'll build one this summer like your one :D

  4. jetrock

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    I'm not entirely happy with the cab, kind of crudely formed from .020" styrene, but I was kind of intentionally going for a sort-of crude homebrewed-loco look. I'm hoping that a coat of Dullcote will hide the edges of those decals...
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    Very nice work, Jetrock. A fine example of genus "backwoodsy character-laden logging lokius". :) :thumb:

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