HOn3 tie spacing on shinahara track

Discussion in 'Narrow Gauge Model Railroading' started by czwij, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. czwij

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    Finally found the right forum....

    I'd like to ask why is the old shinohara Hon3 track has ties so close together and so wide. Also there are so many of them. What railroad had track like this?
    Ive got a bunch of the stuff and I'd like to ask: do i get rid of everyother tie to make it look prototypical or is ther a narrow guage road which had track like this? Ive never seen it in any book referencing colorado or more western railroads. The swithces are the same. close ties and very wide. Id appreciate any help from those with more wisdom.

    Many Thanks,

  2. SAL Comet

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    Ha Vilem, The ties and spacing on most older track isn't prototipically acturate. :( The ties are always to big and are usually too far apart. I suspect it was because of the molding technology back than wasn't that good. Narrow gauge lines would have smaller ties spaced farther apart than standard gauge lines, so I don't think any railroad had "track like that". Sinse you say the ties are too close on your track, you could remove every other one, but that sounds like alot of trouble and the ones that remain are still too big. Mabye you could hide them with the ballast. If it really bothers you though, I'd get some newer stuff.
  3. czwij

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    the track looks good, just that the ties are to close together. ive seen something like this on docks, but not through rolling hills in say, Colorado.
    i thought that shinohara based thier track on some sort of prototype.
  4. hminky

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    I just measured my old shinohara HOn3 track and I get 7"wide x 6 foot long ties on 24 inch centers. That seems to be standard post WW1 narrow gauge. If it were pre-WW1 the tie spacing would be 19" and the ties would be 6x6's.
    Just a thought
  5. czwij

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    pre WWI makes sense.

    post WWI? what narrow guage was built so late?
    Id have thot that after the great war, most roads would concentrate on std. or converting to std. in the near future. if this was true, most replaced ties would be the width and length of std gauge.

    the old shinohara track has wide ties and close together - looks like replaced ties. guess i ll just havta compromise. its post WWI track i guess.
    thanx for the help.

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