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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by chipmonk, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. chipmonk

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    Hi everyone
    i just recently got interested in HOn3 and was wondering if theres anyway to get this engine for....well less then $500 i dont need a collectable, 50 year old brass import, i just really like the this narrow gauged 2-8-2 loco with the very eye catching mechanism. so anyway i was just wondering if anyone knows where i can get either a cheep brass or plastic version of this loco. i searched google and ebay and couldnt find anything other than $500 and up brass stuff. if anyone knows of a good place to get this engine(a kit would also be cool :) ) i would appreaciate it!

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Vic

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    HI Chris, Long time HON3'er here.

    There really isn't a cheap brass model of a 2-8-2 in HON3. Sunset produced one, k27, a few years back that was around $199. They also made a c-16 in that same series. I wish someone would produce those in plastic for reasonable price. MDC makes a 2-8-0 in both inside and outside frame versions and in kit form its reasonable but its not really a specific prototype but it maybe close to a D&RGW c-25.

    I picked up a couple of the Sunset k27's and c-16's back when they came out. I wasn't really happy with the drives in them as they were just a nylon/plastic worm and worm gear arrangement. Replaced two of them with NWSL gear boxes and they are great runners now.

    Look around some trainshows for the engines you are looking for sometimes you can find a bargain. Of course PFM and Westside are excellent engines but they usually go for mega $$$$.
  3. cidchase

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    Hi Chris,
    How much different is the MDC HOn3 2-8-0 kit?
    I read that the HOn3 2-8-2's were converted from
    2-8-0's. I think that the conversion was from std gage
    inside-framed 2-8-0's to 3 ft outside-framed 2-8-2's.
    Maybe worth a look for some bashin'!!! :) :)
  4. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    I bumped the thread "some new HOn3 projects", in Scratchin' & Bashin', so you can see what I did with a Roundhouse (MDC) 2-8-0 kit.

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