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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by plasticman, Jan 21, 2007.

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    Right then, this is my first attempt to post with photo's so hope it works!
    The first shows the parts for the Kushan Resource Controller, pre-assembly.
    The print-out was enlarged, before printing, from the original, in Pepakura Designer with a light line size, as I don't like heavy lines and thought it was far too small. Some pixelation but, from a couple of feet, it doesn't look too bad. Almost all internal faces were reinforced with Cereal carton card, held on, (hopefully), with double-sided tape, with allowances made for folds and glue tabs.
    Internal end panels were also reinforced and apertures cut out to allow access for gluing.
    Sorry about the poor photo's but something seems to have gone wrong with my close-up lens system. Ah well, (sigh). Hope you like the result.

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  2. plasticman

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    Oh no! Just noticed, the photo's are huge! Have to think about that one! Sorry.:grin:
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    Try moving the camera back so that the image is in focus. Then crop the photo down to the image and size that you want.
    You've got my curiousity going.

  4. plasticman

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    Try this!

    Hope this is better!

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  5. Amazyah

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    You can edit the pics yourself.
    These will take a long while to download for some one on dial up.:grin:

  6. plasticman

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    No need to Sir, (I don't know how anyway)!
    I've posted re-sized pics after it.
  7. plasticman

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    I think I've fixed the pic problem now. Sorry about that people. It was my first attempt after all, honest, really.
  8. Amazyah

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    No problem. Nice work!:grin:


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