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    As I there are none ready-made, I've been trying to come up with homemade decals for my Bartel BM-6a.

    I don't have the time to translate the whole thing right now, but you can see pictures of my glorious failures here.

    Essentially, I coated smooth cardstock with gum arabic, then lacquered it and painted it with matt white Humbrol enamel. As I was later informed, I coated everything WAY too thickly - the gum, the lacquer and the paint. Back to square one. Any further suggestions are most welcome. And no, I would not consider masking the markings right on the model -- I'm afraid that if I messed up, the damage would be irreversible. I'd rather do several versions on a separate sheet.
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    You need your gum arabic spread thin and smooth and only fairly thin paper to float it off.
    Try and find some labels that have gum arabic as the adhesive or some brown paper parcel tape such as this
    /PAPER TAPE 60#
    Use nitrocellulose lacquer for toughness and pin it flat then paint with spirit based enamels and a layer of clear finish over the paint.

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    cygielski, if your experiments are still not what you want, maybe I can help, I have an Alps 5000 printer which will print onto blank decal paper, including white and metallic inks. Here is a test sheet I did a little while ago; all waterslide images, although the varnish is all over the paper, so you have to cut out each image seperately.


    Model looks excellent, by the way!!

    Tim P

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    And if none of the above are to your liking..............

    This is a product I have used extensively, its called "decal-it", it allows you to make your own decals from most any printed material. Apply a thin coat to the surface of the material, allow to dry, then soak in water, peel off paper and viola! you have a full color decal. apply a thin coat to the back of the decal and affix in position desired and allow to dry, thus sealing it to the project.
    Here is a link where it can be bought online :


    I have used it on plastic, paper, wood, metal and glass, it works well on all surfaces.
    Hope this helps ya,

    Greg aka GEEDUBBYA
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    Home Made Decals

    Try using clear mailing labels.
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    This is the most interesting and informative info I came accross. Thank you guys. Just the other day I was wandering how to make dacals, now I know!
    Thanks again.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy dimas,

    Well there are alot of ingenious ppl here at the forum, like the old saying goes, "where there is a will, there is a way", sometimes the "ways" are kinda colorful and not something most ppl would normally think of.
    Thats what makes this collection of ppl special, you get the benifit of 1878 different ppl, (number of members as of this post) all with different experiences and different ways of doing things.

    Have a good day,

    Greg aka GW

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