Hobby shops in Pittsburgh PA.

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  1. Hello everyone, i have to take a road trip tomorrow up to Pittsburgh, Pa and was wondering if anyone out there knows of any hobby shops up that way? I will be traveling up I-79 north, so if anyone knows of any, please let me know. Thanks!:wave:
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    Steve, Two within two miles of Cranberry (PA Turnpike) exit, Hobby Express on Rte.228 east, and Cranberry Hobby Depot on Rte 19 north. Both are decent if not comprehensive with helpful staff, and are displayed on Google Maps (if you aren't familiar with the area), if you're coming this far north. Google will show you others if not. A.B. Charles is probably the best in the area, but off your route.
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    http://www.ab-charles.com/ In Pittsburgh. There are directions on the website. The website isn't very impressive, but this is the best hobby shop aound. It is worth it if you have time. I wouldn't consider it very far from I-79.

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