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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by CNWman, Jul 23, 2007.

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    Hi guys,
    This Sat. I'm going to visit relitives in California (still can't remember the name of the citywall1 :curse: wall1, all I know is that it's in Orange County and it's a 5 minute drive to Disneyland!:mrgreen::p) and I am curious to know locations of hobby shops in the area. A fellow NMRA member told us about a store called 'Whistle Stop Hobbies", but I'd like to know if there are any more.
  2. Russ Bellinis

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    The Whistle Stop is in Pasadena, probably an hour away except during the morning and evening commutes when it may be 2 hours away. Arnies Trains is right off the 405 freeway across the street from the Westminster Mall. Prestige Hobbies is located in Hobby City on Beach Blvd in Stanton. Hobby City is scheduled for demolishing to build apartments or condos or something, so I don't know if it is still there. I haven't been by in months. The Toy Train Store is on Lincoln Ave between Brookhurst and Euclid in Anaheim. Milepost 38 is in Yorba Linda, but I think they moved from their original store location, and I haven't been there since the move, so I'm not sure of the exact location now. There is also The Freight Yard in Fullerton, I think, but it may be in Anaheim. They specialize in n scale, and since I model in ho, I haven't paid them a lot of attention.
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    I'm not sure if it's the same one or not but we just got a new one that opened up here in Phoenix about a year ago. They are called The Freight Yard and they said that they moved here from the Anaheim area. You may want to cross that one off your list.
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    Thanks, TrainNut. I was in there two moves ago when they were in Fullerton. They were almost exclusively n-scale, so I didn't go back. They moved from Fullerton to Anaheim, and I wasn't aware of the move to Az.
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    They are still heavy in N scale, but do carry HO now and I'm not sure what else. I never go over to that side of the store to see what's there..sign1 sign1
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    Milepost 38 is a great shop. Located in Anaheim Hills, just off Imperial Hwy and La Palma. Google their web site. Bill
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    Yup, if your going to be 5 mins from Disneyland, you will be in Anahiem.

    Here are the LHS I go to as I live in the Orange County Area

    Milepost 38 Trains; Milepost 38 is a GREAT hobby shop, I have been there many many times, AWESOME train store and the owner and employees are very nice and helpful. They did move but it was just right down the street as there old location was demolished for the new Imperial Highway overpass over the BNSF mainline. There old location was the best because it was right in front of the BNSF mainline on milepost #38 hence the name Milepost 38 trains. Here is there web site: Milepost 38 Model Trains - Model Railroading & Toy Trains

    Arnies Trains; in Westminister, another AWESOME hobby shop, I have also been here many times to and I have to say they have a great selection!! here is there web site: Arnie's Model-Trains - http://arniesmodeltrains.com

    The Train Crossing; in Costa Mesa. I havent been there for about a year but they also had a nice selection and the people were very nice there. They dont have a web site so you will have to look them up in the phone book to get directions to there shop.

    these are the 3 LHS that I go to in the Orange County Area, Hope this helps you out a bit

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