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  1. TrainGuyRom

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    I just bought an HO scale yard office from AM Models for $5.35
    (theyr'e web site is: http://www.tomarindustries.com/am.htm This is kit number 103.

    This weekend I am going to a train show in Stevens Point. I figure since I go there with a club, I could build the kit at the layout. I plan on super-detailing it, and adding an interior. the problem is I don't know what is commonly inside a yard office. I figure a desk, a bathroon & a coat hanger. This building would take place around the 1900s.
    If you know what I could put inside it or know something it could be converted to (without adding more windows or doors or making it bigger/smaller), Please comment.

    Thank You
  2. chooch.42

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    Don't know if I got the right building at the link you give, but the structure atop the loading dock is more like a clerk or agent's freight office at a team track. The agent will need some kind of desk (sit-down or stand-up like a service counter), paperwork storage/organization (files/bins/pigeonhole case), phone/telegraph, lights, crates/boxes/freight of logical type, tols for opening/securing shipping containers...hope that's enough to get you going - I'm sure you'll come up with more (than you wanted to :eek:)! Have a great time, and show us what you did, afterward. All the Best ! Bob C.
  3. MichaelT

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    Depending on what part of the country you're modeling; there would or would not be a bathroom in there in the early 1900's. If it's a small town or rural area, you would probably want to add an outhouse near the office.

  4. TrainGuyRom

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    Well, I don't model in HO anymore.:eek: I just wanted to try put some new things. In other words, I don't know what locale, but I want it to be something like 1930s.
    The package says that it's a yard office. i'll have to check that.:v8:

    Follow up:
    I have glued the walls together, made a make-shift desk & coatrack using stuff from my junk box. but I don't know what else to put in.
    The building appears to be clapboard (I don't know for sure), It have a decent floor, the roof wil nead paint, I may discard the base & build my own, since it looks only OK. If not i'll just repaint the floor. Amazingly the walls & windows are at a very realistic color, so I most likley will not paint those. It looks good, but just needs detail.

    I plan on trying to get a merit award for it, if I can get it to score 87.5 points. thank you. what else is needed? I want to make as much of the details with stuff in my junk box as possible.( that will earn extra points:mrgreen:)
  5. chooch.42

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    TGR - found this shot on Flikr's Library of Congress section - from Chicago&NorthWestern Proviso Yd. (Chicago,Ill.) in 1942. A larger copy is available here...http://www.flickr.com/photos/library_of_congress/2179185708/

    Delano, Jack,, 1914-, photographer.

    ...along with A TON more of historic/modeler interest. Enjoy ! Bob C.

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