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    :rolleyes: Hi All:
    Question: My swieetie (wife) and I are embarking on a new HO track design and we have an area of 4x10 to do it in. We are wanting to use Atlas track plan The Trunk Line as a baseline. We would like to have the track go thru the middle of it and build a town on both sides (Buford, Ga) but we can't figure how to do it. Can you provide any assistance?

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    I guess it depends on what you mean by "middle". Do you mean back-to-front middle with 5' on either side, or side-to-side middle with 2' on either side?

    Either way, I don't think it's going to work especially well. Try looking at a figure-8 plan if you really want town on either side of the tracks... or built the trunk line in 4x8, and use the extra 2' at the end for town.
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    Clay - do you have another link or diagram. All I get with the txt file above is a list name with a price...?


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    Thanks for the feedback. Try this link:
    this is what we would like to use and you are right that it would be impossible to go down the middle (horizionally) so we will have to think of another method.
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    Clay (and sweetie :)),

    Thanks for the link.

    How big is the actual space you have for the layout? If it is to be 4x10, you must have at least a 6x14 or 8x12 space (assuming 2 feet around minimum three sides for access). If not, you will be hard pressed to get around it during construction, and later during operation...

    I think that you could do a lot more interesting things, including the track through town, by using an "around the walls" format.

    If you need to stick with the 4x8 or 4x10 table, I suggest you look at www.gatewaynmra.com for inspiration. While I do not recall any of their layouts using track right through the "middle of town", they have done some really good work. You also might want to consider a divider diagonally across the middle to create two distinct sides to the layout (in effect, two different locales).

    If still want the track to cross the middle, you can do it with a figure-8 approach as suggested above, or you can put a reverse loop (or two) diagonally across the middle. This will require a bit of extra wiring and trackwork, but is really not complicated.

    Hope that helps. Glad to hear you are in this together - my wife has her own hobbies and is not interested in railroading or trains at all :rolleyes: ;)


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    Hi All:
    WOW that's it.......................that's what we will build............:wave:
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    Be warned! That reverse loop is going to add electrical and operational complexity to an otherwise simple layout. You can do it, but there's going to be switch-flipping every time you run a train through it.
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    Post some pictures of it as you are building it, would be nice to see how it turns out.

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