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  1. huttojb

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    but when the point is switched what is the electrical connection from the start of the track to the end?
  2. huttojb

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    Managed to upload a pic.

    is A connected to B???

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  3. LoudMusic

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    A is connected to the B going left, but not the B going down.
  4. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Ummm, that would be your other left...! ;) Are we getting back to which side of the road we're driving on...? :D sign1

    As far as continuous power to the whole layout - - -

    On non-power routing turnouts, A will be electrically continuous with B going to the right, but not "down" (the diverging route), regardless of which way the points are thrown. Power is fed through the turnout all the time.

    A power routing turnout will turn "off" the power to the route that is not selected.


    PS - The prototype does call them turnouts, according to my circa 1930 Canadian National Railway MOW handbook.

    PPS - When I last drove in the UK (2003), I found I was continually mixing up my left and right. I attribute this to the fact that the driver (from my point of view) normally sits on the left. So any turn to the driver's side is a left turn. If course it's the exact opposite in the UK, leading me miles off course at times...! hamr
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    HA HA HA. Ok, I'm going to claim that I was referring to the left direction of the turnout. Yeah, that'll work ;)

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