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  1. i have a ho layout and i wanted to change it to n scale its 5'6"x10'9" so i was wondering what it would be in n thanks.
  2. shortliner

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    I usually work on 5/8 the HO size _ I know that N is effectively half of HO, but turnouts don't scale out at half size. So it comes out at approx 3'5"x6'8"
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
  3. Russ Bellinis

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    You got it backwards Jack. He is going from ho to n so his effective size would be larger. If the size was doubled it would scale out to 11' x 21'6". Since it isn't quite double, I'm estimating off the top of my head that a layout drawn for ho to fit 9' x 18' would probably fit nicely. An ho design in the 10' x 20' range might be condensed to fit if it wasn't too close to a "spaghetti bowl". I think the first question to ask is what sort of equipment /era do you want to model, and consequently what is you minimum radius for mainlines and branches/yards? Once you estblish a minimum radius, you get a better idea how much railroad you can model. Is this an island style benchwork or around the walls. If it is an island style, is it in a room. A 5'6" x 10'9" layout would pretty much fill an 11' x 14' room. You could get a lot more railroad in the room by going around the walls on a shelf in the same area.
  4. shortliner

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    Ah, sorry - I thought he wanted to know what size that layout would fit into if it was done in N - apologies
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
  5. Russ Bellinis

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    Jack, on rereading his post, I'm not sure which one of us is correct. He may be wanting to change his ho layout to n scale and cut the size of his bench work down. We have given him both answers. so I guess we wait for him to jump back in and advise us what he wants to do.
  6. i think shortliner is right the layout is drawn in ho scale and i wanted to convert it to n scale.
  7. shortliner

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    Okay - that is the size it will come out at - without seeing the trackplan I can't tell if it can be shrunk by another couple of inches each way - but try to keep the track a couple of inches at least from any edges, stops derailed cars/locos doing "Gravity switching" and you swearing, if you have a derailment
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  8. the ho layout

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  9. 60103

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    Now that we see the plan, there are some interesting considerations.
    You won't be able to get inside the layout in N gauge; the aisles will be too narrow.
    As an approx. 4x7 layout, you'll be viewing from the outside, and all the scenery will need re-jigging.
    How much space can you swing? Keep the inside aisle as it is, but narrow the shelf width. Then you lengthen the runs and the sidings a bit.
    (None of these comments apply if you're an anorexic supermodel.)
  10. Russ Bellinis

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    If you have extra space that you could move the layout into for emergency rerailing, you could build it on a single table 3'5" x 6' 8", and put it on rollers that would allow you to roll it out for access to the back if needed.
  11. shortliner

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    I'd be inclined to go the solid-top route with a divider down the middle, with a building disguising each end. With a max reach of 24", assuming you go for Russ's 4x7 suggestion, there is no problem. with working on it. You may also be able to add a couple more industrial sidings running into narrow alleys against tne backscene, increasing switching possibilities. It might even be possible to have the top end at a higher level and take a hidden track off the right-hand side, and feed around underneath to the left hand side, to give you continuous running when you wanted it
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
  12. Will_annand

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    Let's see where is my Scale Calculator?

    5'6" = 66" which equals 479' HO, say 480' for ease. 480' in N takes up 36" in the real world.

    10'9" = 129" which equals 936' HO, 936' in N takes up 70" in the real world.

    So the new table would be 36" x 70"

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