HO std gauge useful in HOn3

Discussion in 'Narrow Gauge Model Railroading' started by nachoman, Apr 29, 2005.

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    I thought it might be interesting to start a thread to discuss potential HO standard gauge equiptment that can be converted to HOn3. So far, I have converted the MDC overton passenger car, a MDC 50' passenger car, a bachmann bobber caboose, and an IHC flat car. The overton passenger car was easy and I plan to do another. The 50' passenger car had to be so completley reconstructed, I might have just as well scratchbuilt. The bachmann bobbber caboose was real easy - I just took the bobber underframe off and mounted two trucks. It's a litte wide (about 9') but it was cheap and easy. The IHC flat car was not worth the effort, and it is hard to hide the seam where I narrowed the deck. I'm considering turning it into a tank car, or adding a "permanent" flat car load of some kind to give it more character.

    I've also considered the mantua old time passenger cars, or maybe a diesel critter out of a athearn hustler or an old spectrum 70 tonner...

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    Motive power aside, the rolling stock should be relatively easy. The Newfoundland part of CN (before it was torn up) was all narrow gauge. There was a facility at the port to lift the bodies of the rolling stock off the standard gauge trucks and put it on narrow gauge ones for the trip around the island.

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    I narrowed some Athearn 40' flats to do D&RGW 65000 series, and had the same seam. I finally layed in thin wood strips and weathered them. One of them has a Lasercut wood deck "narrowed", but that was too expensive, and too much hassel, to do the rest that way.
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    well i have done the Crain and a few other cars but i just used them as they were changed trucks.

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