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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by cpr_boy, Oct 26, 2005.

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    Brakie - this is prototype and would make a great model as a round-the-room, U- shape, 12"-wide shelf
    If there isn't enough switching for your needs, you could always "add" a few on-line customers - there is enough suitable industry available. It has interchange track too. The whole route can be seen on Terraserver in photos and maps. If you want more info - I can point you to some pics and info
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
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    Real nice example of what can be done in small space Jetrock! Very illustrative for this thread!

    cpr boy, you're getting some good advice here. I wonder if you'll want to hide one of the tracks in the back inside a building to serve as a staging track so your freight cars appear to come from "off layout"?

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    Thank you all for your suggestions, but I've decide to build a small 2x4 N scale module. Once I have more room, I'll try my hand in HO.
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    You know what would work out for you? there is a book called 6 HO Layouts You Can Build from kalmbach. there are 2 very nice modules in there for HO that can have the kinds of stuff you want on it.

    one is a fictional conrail junction with a shortline, which is basicly a diorama meant to be connected to other modules. you won't be able to run much, but it does looke nice.

    the other one is a port layout. you won't be able to run the bigger engines much, but you can switch modern freight cars with a small locomotive like a GE 44 tonner ( the black one with orange stripes in Jetrock's last photo on the first page) as they do in the book, or slightly larger switchers like a GP-7.

    the book also has alot of other suggestions in other parts of it, and i'm telling you its worth it.

    is there any particular area you want to model?

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