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  1. :) hi every one i need a little help doing a layout im going after the maps say 1''= 100' (real 1:1 ft) ho do i go about downing this to make a ho scale layout? thanks for your help. :thumb:
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    A scale of 1"=100' would be a 1:1200 scale plan--let me ask, exactly what is this a map of?

    The ratio of 1:1200 to 1:87 is about 13.8, so you could multiply the lengths of things you wanted measured by 13.8 to get their size in HO, or you could use an engineering ruler to measure things (a ruler showing tenths of an inch would measure things in increments of 10 feet) and then once you know the "real" size of an item you can draw it out with an HO scale ruler.
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    A quick trip to my calculator shows that each inch on your map translates to 13.79" on your layout (count either 13 3/4" or 14").
    Warning: unless you have a supermarket or a small gym to play in, any real world railway plan will be far too large for your space. The next step is "selective compression". A mile on the plan is 60 feet in HO.

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