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    My HO scale version of Philadelphia is nearing completion. The layout is 15' x 15'. It Features the North east corridor with live catenary, 30th street station, West philly freight elevated, Broad street station , City Hall & various trolley routes. Future expansion may include a subway. Enjoy
    More Picture and plans at www.prrnortheastcorridor.com

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    see more at the website

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  3. green_elite_cab

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    Yeah, I'm familiar with your layout! i've been watching your website for a while!

    I've been working on some catenary for my layout, and i've also been planning a NEC layout of my own, except farther northin in New Jersey. I'm just trying to figure out just where to model.

    it seems like anywhere between newark and metuchen station in NJ is good.
  4. tetters

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    Wow! Is that ever neat!
  5. ac_catenary

    ac_catenary ac_catenary

    GEC , IVe seen your website as well. I also saw that you have some of the arrow III's that IHP put out, and you have the elusive GEM silverliner II's. They look very nice Have you seen the Andy Rubo layout in Keystone Modeler? It features the NEC from Rahway to Elizabeth and it looks fantastic. His set up going around the walls of his basement with 24" wide benchwork. That configuration would not have worked for me because I was trying to build a city with trolleys and stuff plus my train room isn't that big. The Newark area of the NEC is very interesting . Do you have an idea/plan of how you want to set your new railroad up.
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    Holy Cow!
  7. green_elite_cab

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    Yeah, i got those Silverliners for $40 in total (there were more like $230 the next time i saw a pair out on some brass website). I wish i got those arrows for the same deal, because they really sank my wallet, lol!

    I haven't gotten around to getting the silverliner IIs to run, but All they need is a new motor to get them going. I'm thinking about trying to mount a PDT on there instead, because the powered truck on the Silverliners does not look to reliable. Someone did a good job with the lighting though, and they included fiber optics, interior lighting, and everything. It looks like they also found a way to shoove Bachmann Metroliner seats into them. with some passenger figures, i think they'd look even better! the only other problem is they seem tarnished, and i might have to give them a coat of metalizer to get them shiny again, but they are good for now!

    I've seen those Keystone modeler issues! I even printed out the segments on building his catenary, but ironically, it costs more to do it his way than the Model Memories stuff!

    As for my layout, i think i'm going to just skimp on the operations and just make it a long 4 track oval with catenary and really good scenery. I feel as though it would just be impossible to get a station in with the space i have. If i did, it would be one station, and it would probably be the length of one side!

    I think i'll model Metropark station, since i've been watching trains from there ever since i was a kid going to visit family for the holidays.

    I would have liked to model atleast rahway, because i could get in some of the diesels heading down to the North Jersey Coastline, as well as making it look like some of my NJ transit trains are going somewhere, but the 6 tracks and the space i'd need seem like to much. I think you'd need the interchange and rahway station to be on the same tangent of straight track for it to look right, and i figure i'd need 22' of straight space for it to look even somewhat right.
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    absolutely and positutely fantabulous :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
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  10. ac_catenary

    ac_catenary ac_catenary

    WOW what a deal I have been looking on ebay for those things for years. Some times they come up but go for 300 bucks. You were very lucky to find them for $40 even if they dont work. I waiting for the IHP silverliner iv's to come out. I saw one arrow III at this hooby shop I frequent in center city Philly and was tempted to buy it, but he only had one and You need at least two to get something going. Plus you have to find a motor set for them.

    Catenary.. Is a tricky subject because some people are making it for show and some people are making it to be usuable. Im on the Usable side. I made my catenary for operation which is why I choose copper instead of brass or bronze. For the same reason people use Nickel silver instead of brass track. I actually started out with a bronze system from France. which oxidized too fast and I had to keep cleaning wire. With copper I never clean wire. As far as cat structures go. The portal K braced catenary is not very prominent in the center Philadelphia area. Im mostly modeling the PRR Latice type with Wire spans and all of that has to be custom. Im not into detailing things down to the last rivot either and my pockets are not deep so im doing things on the cheap, So Model Memories is not for me. No way am I shelling out 35 dollars a span when I need like 60 of them and that doesnt include catenary spans. Thats like 100 dollars a foot in catenary/spans for a 4 track railroad. NO way!!. I spend allot of time in micheals and AC moore.

    I started out in the hobby just like you with a 4x8 layout and its still there to if you know where to look. I had a 4 track main with 18 radius on the inside track. Things kept expanding into what you see now 20 years later and this layout started as an apartment layout and was moved 4 times so far. I had to keep things flexible. I have some ideas for your next railroad!!! How much space are you working with ?
  11. TruckLover

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    WOW that is some GREAT work :thumb: :thumb:
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    The only thing I can say is.............................................................speechless.
  13. TomPM

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    Makes me feel like I am back at traveling to college.
  14. green_elite_cab

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    Nah, you can run a dinky! Also, you can order the power trucks from NWSL directly. The last i checked, some silverliner IIs can be had for the price of $236 on Dave's Trains, and they look nice, new, and shiny, but like you said, thats steap. Atleast it is powered already!

    Yeah, i just need it to look nice. I'm thinking of soldering steal wire on the auxilary line, and copper wire for the trolly wire. that way you get the strength of the steal with the conductivity of the copper, and the "clips" every 2" or so should hold it. I already have a jig to make the wire, so i might try that.

    I need things to be reasonably realistic. That said, the K brace isn't to bad, since its devoid of a lot of detail. Anyway, i don't think the model memories is that excessively priced. I figured it would cost me about $200 to use their catenary system on my layout. I just don't because i already bought cheap stuff to make it on my own.

    besides, i would never dream of buying it at once. I'd buy it over time.

    I have an area 16 feet long, and about 7 1/2 feet wide. I'm trying to keep the center open, with two foot width maxmimum for each space of the layout. It would also be the upper deck (but not connected) of my planned new model rr.
  15. tomustang

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    Very very impressive, You have talent.
  16. Dan85

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    Really neat layout!

    - Dan

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