HO Scale Injection Molding Equipment

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  1. Some pics of the finalized injection molding machines - some decals added, light weathering on the newer unit, heavier on the older one, and hydraulic cables added to the injection equipment plus smaller diameter cooling lines on the mold halves.

    Now I just need to build the factory to house the equipment, and a module to place it all on.....

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    That is really cool!!! they look so real :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    space figures

    Nacho man:
    You mean you live in AZ and didn't recognize that figure as one being from the space ship that crash-landed near Sedona in the fifties???
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    Legos! Yes! I've still got mine, plus some that came with the house, and when my oldest son is a couple years older I'll start him on them. I learned so much about spatial geometry, layout & design, componant building, and much more from building with those things.

    I'm not sure I'd ever use them in a non-Lego way...but the way you have used them is simply phenomenal. VERY creative and you're right, a little paint and some decals go a LONG way. Outstanding. I have no way of knowing how prototypically accurate they are but they certainly have the right look and feel of manufacturing equipment. Are you thinking something like a Rix steel structure or maybe a concrete block building for the housing?
  5. Thanks.

    Excellant thought - tomorrow I'll post a few of the reference pics I used. The models are composits of several prototypes.

    The structure will be scratchbuilt & kit bashed, based on the prototype, probably mostly from Pikestuff corrugated steel panels. It'll be on the layout edge and cut away, with fully detailed interior - I've got quite a few pics of the prototype's interior from their website.
  6. Here are the pics I based my pipe extrusion line on - like I said, it's a composite of the prototypes.

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  7. And a few of the injection molding machines.

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    I’ve just found this thread, but at least I did not miss it completely. All I can say is WOW. Absolut fantastic job!!!!! :thumb:
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    You have done an amazing job with these machines. Are you going to make up a gaylord (tote) of plastic to sit beside the machines? I work for a company that make's the hot runner for injection molding machines.
  10. I've got a Preiser kit with crates and molded plastic containers that measure a gaylord, so I'll use a few of those, though the extruder will have some piping indicating the pellets are continuously fed with compressed air from the large silos outside (where they're delivered by covered hopper, of course).
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    Where's the Zumbach? just kidding, you did an excellent job recreating a full extrusion line.

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