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    Does anyone have any type of plans to where you can build a scale house for a grain company.I brought the ADM grain company and i need to get a scale house for it but walthers did not have one in HO and the web site said that there is no date when they would have them so i am going to attempt to build my own if i can get some plans on how to do it.So if anyone can help i would apprecated.
  2. RonP

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  3. 60103

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    Starman: you mean a house for the scale, right, not a set of company houses for the workers?
  4. Starman

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    No i was talking about a house that weigh trucks before they entered the grain company to get thier weight.
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    A scale house is usually just a small, simple building with a door, and a large-ish window overlooking the scale itself. They can also be much larger - one of the scales at the steel plant where I worked had a changehouse, timeclock area, plant security offices, and a small repair facility included in a large, brick structure. For your ADM plant, you could build a small (8'x10' would be a good minimum size) scalehouse from .060" sheet styrene - Tichy has doors and windows that would be suitable - then paint it like concrete to match the main building. You could also build it from styrene siding material or brick sheet.
    The scale itself is usually just a flat area in front of the large window, large enough to accommodate the longest trucks that you plan to use. The one that I mentioned above had the both scale platform and pit edged with steel angles, then pavement over the balance - the whole scale was flush with the surrounding road area. Some scales are also elevated a few feet above the surrounding ground, with a suitable ramp at both ends - the gap around the scale platform is only an inch or so, and the deck is always closed so that no debris can fall into the pit. Some decks are made with heavy diamond- or checkerplate steel. Don't forget to add "Stop", "Proceed", and "Back-up" lights where the truck drivers can see them, along with appropriate signs.

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    lol my bad,
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    If you have an open air scale, you just need a shack for the operator to sit in, and it can be any suze that will accomodate a desk, chair, stove or other heating device, and the "business end" of the scale.

    If you want an enclosed scale, then Hamilton Model Works makes a nice one - go to kits, then click the scale house/yard office link.

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    I worked at a feed lot for a summer and the scale house was nothing more than a portable house positioned between the loading pens and truck. It had a scale in it, a desk and a door way on both ends.

    Then when I was working at an apple packing plant, the scale house was an open air/lean to type of thing that the trucks drove over.

    Aaand when I worked at Kaiser Aluminum, the scales were located in the main drive thru area, before the security gate. Inside the large building was the scale operator, security, time clock and many general offices. The windows that overlooked the scales were about the size and shape of many air traffic towers. At an angle leaning out over the area.

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    Thanks everyone for your comments on the scalehouse and i have decided to just put a house up and build the scale myself and see how it turns out.
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    Here's one I scratchbuilt a few years ago. No plans. Just guesstimated everything from pictures I took.

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  11. eightyeightfan1

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    Here's the pics of the prototype. The secton with the bay window I figured was a later addition, so I didn't add it to the build.
    Sorry, the "napkin" plans have been lost long ago.

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    Neat looking, Ed! :thumb:

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