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  1. beeblebrox

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    I haven't done anything in model railroading in many years, but I have a model that happens to be HO scale and could use a little advice. I'm building the Bates mansion from the movie Psycho (by Polar Lights) and want to do a partial lighted interior. I've only found one source for furniture and would like to know if there are others out there. Thanks

    Construction so far:

  2. shaygetz

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    Welcome to The Gauge...

    Ahhh...Mother needs a rocking chair, eh? :p

    Try www.walthers.com
  3. beeblebrox

    beeblebrox New Member

  4. Pitchwife

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  5. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    I picked up a pool table from Evergreen Hill Design when I was last in Calgary. It looks like they don't carry all furniture, but they do have some other interesting items, like a toilet, chair, etc.

    The link you found seems to be a better diversity of products for your needs.
  6. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    This might be a little off-track, but what scale is the bates mansion?
    The Walthers catalog will probably be your best bet for finding who makes what. Now actually ordering it and getting it, thats a different story!
  7. beeblebrox

    beeblebrox New Member

    It is supposedly HO scale, but I've heard it may be more like 1/96th which is close enough to use the 1/87th stuff.
  8. engineshop

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    The "real" Bates Motel at Universal is scaled smaller than an actual building as well. So it might be 1/87th.

  9. beeblebrox

    beeblebrox New Member

    In 1/87 scale, my walls are about 10 feet high which would be reasonable in an older home.
  10. JBBVry

    JBBVry Member

    i have this kit also. it is HO. or so close you can't tell. i am useing the plastic one as blue prints to make one out of wood. for all my kits that i put stull inside i use SS limited for the Furniture and also look on ebay as that is a good place to find some too. good luck and welcome to the fun. post some pics as you get it done.
  11. beeblebrox

    beeblebrox New Member

    Back stairs added. Re-floored with smaller planks.

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  12. rockislandmike

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    Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. CharlesH.

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    Neat job! The stairs look swell!

    As for the furniture issue, normally I scratchbuild mine, it's waay easier to scatchbuild 1940's art-deco furniture, with those clean lines, simple shapes, etc. The only truly challenging parts to scratchbuild is all the plumbing stuff (toilets, tubs, sinks, etc.).
  14. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    I would try white sculpy and after it's baked, paint it with white appliance touch-up paint - the kind that mimics ceramic.
  15. beeblebrox

    beeblebrox New Member

    There are several large pieces I might try building, but lamps, and thin curved-leg chairs might be difficult. Though I am looking forward to replicating the fireplace in mrs. bates' room.
  16. jmarksbery

    jmarksbery Active Member

    I have kitbashed one in N-Scale (still working on diaroma) but NO furniture in it. Pictures later. Jim :)
  17. Jodam

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    My wife is working on a Smorgasboard restaurant in N-scale, so far i've done lighting with 2 x 5000mcd 3mm LED's, while Jo has done the building, Kitchen & servery, complete with food platters (With Food) and about 15 tables & chairs both 2 and 4 seaters, With Patrons & waiting staff.
    Hope to have our new Digi camera this week, so i can post some pic's.
  18. beeblebrox

    beeblebrox New Member

    Stairs almost finished.

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  19. beeblebrox

    beeblebrox New Member

    Another view.

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  20. beeblebrox

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