ho scale fire station

Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by builder, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. builder

    builder New Member

    does anyone know where I can find an ho scale fire station???
  2. Ponytail

    Ponytail Member

    Look at the "Modellbau"section at:


  3. builder

    builder New Member

    didn't see any fire station, just fire trucks
  4. Traveller

    Traveller New Member

    Bad link.

    Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
  5. Flipper Hall

    Flipper Hall New Member

    First of all, I am a US Disabled Vet, and even though I have yet to actually build I have already collected many free models (I guess you could say that I am a collector sign1) I know that there are several sources available. I have enclosed a list below. I must say that I there is some absolutely amazing talent and technology skills out there.

    Fiddlers Green has one or two.

    Also wolles-modellbau.de-wolles112.com
    (May also be wolles112.com)

    I don't know the website, but I also came across some by the owner of the following e-mail: nsr@email.cz

    I hope these help. I am looking forward to using some of them on a model railroad (HO) layout some century.

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