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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by James Schultz, Jun 10, 2007.

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    I had to go to the VA in Milwaukee on Friday to visit my cardiologist, and on the way home we stop at the Walmart in Franklin. Usually shopping is not my idea of fun but, as I was looking around the toy car aisle I ran across some HO scale cars. The cost was only $2.49 each. So I had to buy some. There were three different types. One was by Malibu International, one by MotorMax and there was another brand but I didn't catch who it was by, because they were NASCAR's, which I wasn't interested in. Here's a picture of what I got. I don't know if all the Walmarts carry these cars but it might be worth it to check out. This is the first time I am trying to attach a picture to a post so I hope it works.-
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    You pic didn't come through. When you go to the upload manager and try to upload, there will be a reason in the dialog box as to why it didn't work.
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    The HO scale NASCAR diecast are made from Motorsports Authentics(ex Action Performance) and are sold only in Wal-Mart.
    Check out the "Scale Vehicle" thread in Photo Forum,as I have a pic posted when I started collecting them. I'm now up to 15.(Nope..Still no Dale Jarrett)
    If your lucky, Like at the Wal-Mart here, they usually sell Norscot HO scale also. Not as detailed as the collectors edition, but they do make great flatcar loads.
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    Man i am going to have to have a talk with my wal-mart manager we don't have anything like that here.
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    Here's a thread on another forum I belong to that was started back in Aug. 2005. It's up to 423 postings and covers every vehicle Walmart has sold.
    1/87th Vehicles - ModelRailroadForums.com

    Hope this is useful in your hunt. I bought a few cars after seeing this post. It's funny at my LHS I saw the same cars for $3.49, they must of went to walmart and are selling them at their shop for the less knowing.
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    There's also an "all in one" resource for this on my site:
    Model Railroad Tips Articles

    It's not, and probably will never be complete, but its a great start!

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