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    JOE ALOIA New Member

    At my age its tough to get things straight. So i will try again to post a picture.
    the layout is 4'x16', it has two loops on top, and three loops below.actually, i
    can and have run six trains at any one time.The control panel and the front
    plexiglass wall are both hinged, to form a closed box.


    JOE ALOIA New Member

    Ho Outdoors 3

    :wave: ho outdoors

    Again ,this layout is 4'x16', it has three loops and three sidings,on the upper level. then there are three loops ,andfive sidings on the lower level. i have at one time ran six trains all at the same time.that will keep anyone awake.I hope
    the next six months are in my favor.I am really enjoying the six hours a day that
    i spend on the layout. Its better than watching tv.
  3. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    Still having trouble posting pics joe??

    If you want to send me a couple, vie email, I will post them.
    pm me if you want to try this, and I will send my email :)
  4. SAL Comet

    SAL Comet Member

    Stick with it there Joe, mabye you can tell us how you are going about it and we might be able to find the problem :)

    JOE ALOIA New Member

    Request for e-mail

    Yes, i have been trying all sorts ,with my scanner,thru the-gauge. The internet
    does not recongise that address as valid.


  6. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    Hi Joe, any luck with the info I sent you? :p
  7. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    Joe`s Picture

    Hi Joe I had to run your picture through xnview and resized it , although it looked small there program said to many kb.
    Anyway you have the link for xnveiw so you should have no problem.

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  8. SAL Comet

    SAL Comet Member

    Nice setup Joe, Send us a picture with trains runnin' in the snow this winter!
  9. jtbterri

    jtbterri Member

    Looking at the photo posted by "INTERURBAN" it appears that the only parts of your layout "under glass" are the two areas with structures, and one of those is covered with a canopy. The rest of the area seems exposed directly to the outdoors, am I correct?
    Reason for the question is that I've read that the HO track does not respond kindly to direct, or for that matter, even indirect sunlight. Prematurely ages the plastic used in the ties.
    Also, what about the airborne particulate matter...dust & dirt... on switches especially.
    If you're able to do it on Long Island no reason not to try it here in San Diego!

    JOE ALOIA New Member

    Ho Outdoors

    My original 4x8 layout ,i went all out in protecting the layout from the elements.
    It has the plexi cover and sides, and a canopy,and a tarp. The extension has
    only a tarp,which i only use now when i hear of rain.I read all the comments about u.v. rays,sun melting the ties, etc. I believe in trying it out for myself.
    The layout is as shown since may of this year,there are no melted tie, and no fading. Mainly ,because of the canopy. The canopy is a seasonal item,so i have to wait untill the next summer to purchase another.
    The only side affect that i have seen is that the knickle silver track does oxidize a bit faster then normal.A extra precaution that was required is a wind wall. I used 1/4 plexiglass 4" hi. to protect the cars from tipping over when it is windy,just were the cars are exposed outside of the covered area.
    George,there are extra chores for being outdoors, but sitting in the fresh air ,instead of a stuffy basement,it is well worth it.
    The next six months will be the real test,if i keep vigil with it, iam sure it will

  11. KCS

    KCS Member

    Well Bob, I heard alot about this and had to put an assortment of flex track out nailed to a 6'x2' 1/2" thick ply wood for only 3 month's out side in the hot, sunny, rainny, and cold weather, and the out come was not good at all. ok plastic tie's are hard to break by hand right? well after 3 months of out door with no protection, i went to pull up the track and it came up by hand with out using a tool. the plastic got so weak that it breaks 2 times as easy as a tooth pick. So my idea of running a HO garden train in my back yard is out of question. it cant be done. althought i was somewhat happy with the "weathered" look the rail got, the rail was really weak also. it bent easier than a normal piece of rail does. (new and old,same lenght for bend test) now i wonder when UV protected track in HO will be made.
  12. jtbterri

    jtbterri Member

    Most of the threads I've followed on the topic of HO Garden Railroading agree; the elements are too severe for the track to begin with, let alone the size of the debris in HO scale of dirt, leaves, grass, etc, for HO Garden Railroading.
    This topic seems to be more about running HO trains outdoors, not necessarily in a garden. For those of us tired of damp basements or dirty, crowded garages, and don't have the option of having a "train room", that would seem to be a nice alternative, which is what Joe has brought out.
    I think I'll take the first step like KCS and put some flex track out in the area that I have in mind and see how it weathers the rest of our "winter" and early spring.

    JOE ALOIA New Member

    ho outdoors

    :wave: outdoor
    Do the test board,but unless you at least put a tarp over the board when not
    in use,the weather will get to it.Here in new york the sun is not as intense as the south is.I can get by not covering it for several days at a time.Believe me,its the best thing in this hobby that i have ever done.

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