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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by marsh58, Jun 18, 2004.

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    My name is Marshall Haire. I have a Bachmann model train set. It is of the HO scale. I have a few questions about the track and cars that maybe someone could answer for me. The first questions is about the engine. What is the best way to oil up the wheels on the engine that I have. It is a diesel engine that is part of the Erie Lackawanna. It is gray colored with a maroon and yellow stripe. It has a number on it 8458. The other questions I have is about my cars. Are there metal wheels that you can buy for these cars that I have? They have plastic wheels on them and I wondered if I could replace them. Also, what is the best type of wood to nail a track down too? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    Marshall Haire
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    The best way to oil the engine is to disassmble it and oil the bearings witha plastic compatible oil like those produced by Labelle. Greasing the gears with a similar grease is also a good idea. However, Bachmann train set engines aren't particularily good runners, so this may not improve things much.

    For the rolling stock, Proto 2000, Kadee and Intermountain all make replacement wheels that should be available at your local hobby shop. You will want the 33" Wheels. Jaybee, NWSL and Reboxx also make replacement metal wheels, but they probably aren't stocked at your hobby shop. You will also want to aquire knuckle type couplers if the set cam with horn-hook couplers, as pretty much all new rolling stock come with knuckle couplers.

    The easiest way to build benchwork for your track is to get 2 wooden sawhorses, 2 8' 1x4's and a 4x8 sheet of 3/4" 5-ply BC or BD grade plywood.
    Assemble the two sawhorses, screw the two 1x4's to the sides of the sawhorses, so that they're evenly spaced, and then put the plywood on top, with the B side (Clean side) up. Paint it a dark brown, and lay your track. This will give a good start to a basic 4x8 layout.
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    Welcome aboard the Gauge Marshall. You have come to the right place with your questions, as everyone here is just bursting with help, encouragement and advice. No question is too dumb or simple, all you need to do is ask. The only thing we stress here is to have fun. :thumb: :thumb: :D :D
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    Hi Marshall. Look at the thread on the Chattanooga Choo Choo, where we all are giving our advice on lubricationg an old locomotive.
    You need to get a speck of oil on any surfaces that rub -- usually the axles and whatever holds them in place. Put out a drop of oil on a small piece of aluminum foil and use a pin to put it in place. A bit of grease an the gears. There shold be an instruction sheet that tells you what gets lubed, but they may skimp on that nowadays.
    If you buy metal wheels, try to get ones that are the same length over the pointed ends as the ones that came with your set. They do come in different lengths, despite the "standards".
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    Welcome to The Gauge, Marshal. You're already in good hands so I'll get back to my own clean and lube chores.
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    Welcome to the gauge Marshal, You will have a good time here learning about trains. Fred
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    I'm not too good at drawing on line. Actually I don't have a clue! The size of your room would seem to lend itself to a more open walkin type layout. I think the around the walls design you have put up would get tiring if you need to use a duck under to even get into the room. Are there any closets in the room that would affect the layout design?
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    Hi Marshall welcome aboard! :wave:

    I wouldn't oil up the wheels, unless you want your loco to "slip" forever :D .

    You may want to oil up the mechanism inside the trucks (gears). Your local hobby shop (LHS) should have lubricating oil made especially for plastic. Same goes for grease. The first thing you want to do is to take the trucks apart, wash everything clean (Warm water and soap) and lubricate it anew with fresh oil/grease. Keep in mind a little goes a long way. For the wheels just rub them clean in rubbing alcohol

    That sounds like a beautiful paint scheme :thumb:

    Yes! They can all be replace with metal wheel set. Either Life-like proto 2000 or Intermountain is what comes to mind :) . If you're unsure of the type, bring a car over to your LHS.

    To change wheel set is very straight forward :rolleyes: . Gently pull the trucks apart and take the plastic wheel out and replace with the metal one. Try not to bend the axle. Otherwise the wheel won't track-true..

    It's your layout, so your choice. ;)

    I use roadbed made of cork. The same cork that comes in sheets and available at the local hardware store. I nail the track to the cork roadbed and I glue the cork to the layout "table-top". I use 1/2 plywood for that. I use the "cookie-cutter" method for the sub roadbed (plywood) with riser. I glue the cork to it.

    Hope this help.

    :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

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