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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by BDC, Nov 20, 2001.

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    I just recieved several Athern dummy loco's that I want to use in a display. Being that this is the first time I've dabbled in HO for about 15 years, I have decided to seek help. Does anyone know who makes a nice wooden wall mounted display for locomotives? I'm thinking of the kinds with several shelfs and a glass front. I have about 10 locos, including a Tyco Silver Streak, and a caboose or two I would like to show. Thanks for your help!

    (For those of you wondering, the Tyco is from the very first trainset I had and is only there for sentimental reasons.)
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    There's a company listed in the Walther';s catalog (www.walthers.com) called Clear Case.
    These things are pretty pricey though - $198 - $321 for oak shelves with acrylic covers.
    I haven't looked a ebay for a while - seems like I used to see these things on there quite a bit.
    If you're the least bit handy, you could make your own pretty cheap.
    Good Luck!
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    Hi BDC,
    Just thought I'd share another idea with you that I've used to display trains that aren't on the layout, for one reason, or another.
    This is an N scale diorama I built a while back. I made the box out of scrap lumber I had laying around. It measures 16" wide, 8" high, & 5 1/2" deep. It has a train, scenery, structure, figures, & painted backdrop. Don't ever let anybody tell you they don't have the space for model railroading!

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    BDC -

    Here is a company I've found on the 'net :


    I haven't bought from them, so I can't tell you anything about the quality of their products. But they LOOK good!

    I am rapidly getting to have the same problem - my RI collection is growing very fast and needing a "home" - not enough room on the (in construction) layout !

    Let us know what YOU find out !!!!!!!!!

    - George

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