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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by bellybomber3, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. bellybomber3

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    I hope to attach a rough picture of what I am working with. The one the left is a 44"x44", the center section is 36"x88", the right is 48"x48" (overall length is 15'). The outer line represtents the wall of the room I intend on placing this in. I am building this in the three sections so I can transport it after it is assembled to my parents house (I don't want to make the mess at their house). I would like to stay away from using 18" radius turns so I plan on putting 20" turns on the left and 22" turns on the right. A mountain/ tunnel is is going in the back left corner. I plan to have a town scene in the center section. Could someone help me put my ideas to paper with track drawn in? It says my image is too big to fit onto this thread let me know if I need to explain this better.
  2. Triplex

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    Is the layout against a wall on the long side? Especially if both ends also are against walls, you'kll have access problems.
  3. MasonJar

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  4. bellybomber3

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    Access won't be a huge concern due to the table only being 36" high.
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    I'd be happy to help...try to get a sketch available. Why are you set on staying away from 18" radius? This may help with the planning scheme.


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