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  1. Hi all, I model in HO, but I have a collection of 1/4"=1'-0" scale model circus wagons. I am under the impression that that is "O" scale. If that is, then I am building a string of circus flat cars in that scale to display my wagons on, as the old railroad circus traveled on. Since I do not plan to run trains at that scale, but want the display to look authentic, what type of track would you all suggest that I use. Additionally I will need to buy some wheel trucks for the circus flat car kits that I bought, any suggestions on that would be appreciated as well. I have a link to my web page that shows my wagon collection. So if you have any helpfull tips for this HO guy on what type of track and trucks I should use please let me know.

    Bywater Railroad
    New Orleans
  2. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    O scale two rail track, or you could hand lay the track.
    Athearn, also has O scale trucks. Your LHS should be able to order anything you need. Walthers is another source you could use.
  3. belg

    belg Member

    Hey Nick I just checked out your website,very impressive work in two days just wondered why then it took you a year to get to the first sccenery. The log retaining wall was very cool is it hand built.Great potential,I like looking at what other people do to get ideas,and Ive gotten several from you.:cool: :cool: :cool:
  4. Greg Elems

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    For a quick track, look to
    They have 2 rail flex and sectional track available again. For trucks, 2 rail, look for Athearn or Weaver. Weaver has plastic and die-cast metal trucks, in both friction bearing and roller bearing. Another source of 2 rail trucks, but a little bit harder to find, are All Nation trucks. If you need more flat cars, Walthers used to sell circus flats. I've seen them on Ebay in kit form.

    Good luck,
    Greg Elems
  5. Thanks for the Info

    Thanks for all the info on track and trucks. I will check out the local hobby shop and see if they carry any of those recommendations. On thing that was not clear, however is the question is 1/4" equlivant to "O" scale?

    If you visited my website there is a gap between the quick start and scenery. That gap is due to adding a second level of track and pulling in down and rewroking it again. I have trouble with getting the grade incline to look good. Ad in the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season followed down here with the Mardi Gras season, my best modeling time is Spring and Summer......looking forward to those evenings spent inside away from the mosquitoes and in the air conditioning......:)

    Thanks all
    New Orleans
  6. cidchase

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    1/4" per foot = 1:48 = O Gauge
    Sounds like a cool display project!
  7. belg

    belg Member

    Nick I'm wondering if the railroad does anything special for Mardi Gras? Also I hope you know that I was only giving you a little ribbing about the scenery thing.What's Mardi Gras like for a local? Is it great or just a lot of headaches?Would love to see it first hand some day.
  8. hi belg,

    No prob on the ribbing, I have a few more feet of sceniced area to photo and post. Looks like i am on the money with the 1/4" = "O" gauge. Thanks for that clearification.

    Most locals enjoy mardi gras by attend the nightly (and on the weekends daytime) parades with family and friends. When you grow up here in the city mardi gras is second nature and always a couriosity that mardi gras is just another tuesday in most other places. Myself, I enjoy the carnaval tableau balls that are given by many of the krewes. The ball season really starts early January.

    My interest in trains and rail, along with wagons and horses has a mardi gras connection. Most of the old krewes (100+ years of parading) still use wooden wheeled cotton floats that they acquired in the late 1800's some still put out one or two floats pulled by mules covered in with white cloth and most parade down St. Charles Avenue where our 1923 era streetcars run.....so the best of my both worlds. Those old line krewes really transend time and bring the parade goer back to the past.

    Bywater Railroad
    New Orleans
  9. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    Hi Nick that is a nice lay out and a super room plenty of light air and still in touch with the family.
    Love the O gauge collection where did you come by all that neat stuff??
    Nosey aint I:D
  10. hi inter,

    years ago, when I was a kid, I joined what is called "Circus Model Builders International' founded in 1936, which is a group who model scale circus layouts. They charge $35 USD for membership and send out a publication 6 times a year called the "Little Circus Wagon". There are vendors listed in this publication that offers circus related items, many photos and lots of good circus stuff. It ties in real good to model railroading but i upped the scale to "O" gauge to show more detail in my wagon models.
  11. TR-Flyer

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    Hi all:
    FYI, there's a large, 8'x 8' i'd estimate from memory, circus diorama at the transportation museum in Roanoke, VA. Don't remember the scale but the "bigtop" is probably 3-4 feet long. Put it on your map of modeling stops if you’re an enthusiast.

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