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    Hi Gents,

    Back again for some advice on scenery, and I’m still working on a HO scale diorama. Thing are coming along pretty well (slowly), and now I am nearly ready for track ballast (yikes) trrack and then some scenery. I have a plan, but I would appreciate some comments or suggestions.

    Here is just the foam for an idea of elevations (some modifications since this was taken):


    Here is what I currently have:


    Here are my thoughts (stuff drawn in):


    Code book:
    Dark circle deciduous trees.
    Light green circle aspen trees
    Bushes are spray-painted in green
    The gray dots are rocks.
    Gray spray-painted areas are pre-planned hydrocal rocks.
    Brown lines are wooden berms
    Yellow square is tall grass
    Red area not sure what to do with this…

    FYI: the gray pilings are for the bridge footings (some are out of place in the photo)

    I’m planning on putting some legs under her as a display and putting my bridge in there too:


    Plan is for this steam engine with 4 Tichy ore cars behind it (currently building them – takes me much longer than you guys to build this stuff it seems…).


    What to do with the steep area in red on the hill to the left is my biggest worry. I’m trying to keep everything on some what the same plane, so trees would bee too tall here. Since it is so steep would bushes work – it is pretty close to the track already… I think that I have enough rocks already, so I would like to do something else here, but I’m not sure what it should be.

    Seems like there is a lot of space in the river in the back. Do you guys thing that a small rock sandbar would distract things too much? I would like the focus to remain the bridge and the train if possible.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. MasonJar

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    The red square looks like it might be a small cut through a rock outcropping.

    I would not worry about keeping things too much on the "same plane". The trestle, especially with the train on top, will add a big vertical dimension. Without trees, the train will be the tallest thing on that diorama.

    What are the dimensions of the diorama? It does not look too big - in fact you might have trouble putting that engine plus 4 cars on it... Things are not as big as think they are...

    Here's a few links to a diorama I did:

    Pictures at The Gauge:

    Hope that helps.

  3. Toadie77

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    Thanks for the link Andrew.

    My project is pretty big, the width of a complete section of track plus a few inches, so I think that all the cars will fit, but if they don't I'll just use two or three cars. The ore cars come in multiples of two so I figured better to get too many than too few.

    I will start on the scenery and see if I need to add more rock outcroppings later. It should be easy enough to cut some foam on a small section later. Your outcropping did come out nice, and it sounds like you just sculpted some joint compound, so that should not be too messy.

    I do approeciate the link to your diorama. I like your chain link fence: that is a nice touch. I added your web page to my favorites so I can reference it when I'm working on mine.

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    DM&IR # 400 very nice and very clean which means it should have been a DM&N (pre merger) unless it was freshly shopped and painted after the merger (DM&IR had 3 pacifics 400-402 that were all scrapped in the fifties 400 in 1959) they were built by Baldwin in 1913 and were slightly heavier than the 4 owned by the D&IR

    The area you are doing in your diorama would have been an ideal fishing location(stream empty ing into a larger body of water) and likely would have signs of a camp cooking area, possibly tent poles(made from small trees for a tarp cover) A circle of rocks with ashes and partially burnt logs, Y sticks(for holding rods) stuck into the bank and a rough Fish cleaning table (generally 1 board with tree pole legs attached to a tree)
    If you will use figures, you could include a full camp with canvas tent and related gear, chopped firewood pile etc.
    The area you are modelling suggests a few sites along the DM&IR lines most of which have seen thier fair share of fisherman over the years :)
    I am quite familiar with the line and its history.I was Born in Proctor a stones throw from the Yard!! ;)

    One thing you should be aware of, these units would have been used in passenger and general freight service and would not have been seen in ore service.It may however have transported a few repaired(shopped) ore cars north.
    Its your model though so do what you like and model what you enjoy :)

    Heres a photo of #400 in 1952

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