HO Diesel Engines-Best Quality???

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by dwight77, Sep 11, 2005.

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    Hi: I have the need to purchase an HO Diesel Engine and most of my model knowledge is in N gauge. Can someone give me their opinion on the quality of HO engines - I was considering Atlas, Athern, Kato, Bachmann, LifeLike, or any others that you would suggest.
    I know opinions are like as--oles, everyone has one, but I do respect the opinions expressed in The Gauge.
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    All of the manufacturers you have listed are good as well as Broadway Limited Models which you didn't mention. Just a warning about Bachmann and Lifelike. Bachmann makes two lines of quality models-Bachmann Spectrum is the top of the line-excellent models. Bachmann plus is a Bachmann Spectrum drive with a less detailed shell-excellent running. buy more plain, can be detailed with detail parts. Standard Bachmann is for toy trains and not worth bothering with. With Lifelike it is the same story. Proto2000 (abreviated p2k) are excellent, highly detailed models. Proto1000 (ab.p1k) are p2k drive under plain shells excellent runners with less detail. The standard Lifelike are toy train set locos and not worth bothering with. If you are buying from a hobby shop, they should have someone knowledgeable behind the counter to help you select a good loco. If you buy new from a reputable mailorder company, they will identify the manufacturer and model line. If you buy at a G.A.T. show, swap meet, etc.-be careful. I've seen dealers at theses places put a cheap toy train diesel in an Atlas box.

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