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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by gregbva123, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. gregbva123

    gregbva123 Member


    I have several Life Like Proto 2000 Diesel engines and one runs sluggish, Is there a break in time for the motors?, if so what is the break in time?

  2. Flangehead

    Flangehead Member

    I've never had to break in any of my modern diesels. I do usually try not to run them under full load for a few minutes, just in case.
    Sometimes the LifeLike system of directional lighting drains a lot of power through the resistors. I've removed the lighting circuitry from most of my LifeLikes so that they run in multiple unit better with my other engines.Have you checked the other things that can slow a loco down such as something causing friction inside or perhaps a slipping driveshaft?
  3. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Does the sluggish one run smoothly? Can it pull well? Or is the only symptom speed related? Can it creep well?
  4. gregbva123

    gregbva123 Member

    No, It can not creep and kind of jumps along the track. The other same unit is fine.

  5. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Greg,Check to see if everything is seated correctly.Also check to see if there is any oil/grease on the wheels that may have been there from the factory.I had one unit that had a thin coat of oil on the wheels.:eek: After cleaning the wheels this unit ran smooth..
  6. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    A number of members of the modular club I belong to have Lifelike P2k locomotives. The members who have checked them have found that most Lifelike P2k locomotives come from the factory with either too much oil, or dry. On member has a couple dozen P2k locomotives. He took all of them apart, and not one was lubed correctly from the factory. All of them either was way overlubed, or completely dry. That being said, the P2k locomotives are nicely detailed and very nice runners once cleaned and properly lubed.
  7. gregbva123

    gregbva123 Member

    What is the correct way to oil and lub any locomotive and where do you place the oil, etc...?

    This is a great forum
  8. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    Very carefully put ONE DROP ( one member of our club called it one drp-smaller than a drop) of oil on each wheel bearing. Use one drop of oil on each armature bearing, but be very sparing there. You don't want oil fouling the motor.
    I use one drop of grease on worm gears, run the unit and inspect the gear drives. I want to see a thin film of grease on each gear, but nothing dripping off. I hope this helps
  9. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    I use one small drop of oil on all bushings,shafts and gears.I found this works wonders for the Atlas,Athearn,P2K,Walthers and Stewart drives..I do not use grease of any type..The key is to use one small drop of oil and work it in place by turning the drive by hand using the flywheel..
  10. jim currie

    jim currie Active Member

    if it is one of the first run's check for split gear had a bl acted like that gear was split .
  11. gregbva123

    gregbva123 Member

    Ok, I will try adding one small drop of oil.

  12. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Might be a pickup problem. You can try jumping 12V right to the motor and see if she smooths out. Even if it's still rough at that point, it may still be a pickup problem with the brushes in the motor. Shamus had this happen, and was able to resolve it himself. He said the brush was not down.
  13. gregbva123

    gregbva123 Member

    Ok, Thanks for all the ideas. So much experience here.

  14. David Rosser

    David Rosser Member

    Will second idea of JimCurrie. We have several P2k locos and they run fine, but the BL-2 was erratic and sounded like the wheels had flat spots! three of the four axles were bad, with split gears and wheels that turned while you held the other end. Life-like replaced them for me; now no prblem. Dave
  15. ocklawahavalley

    ocklawahavalley New Member

    Centipede Anyone?

    Hey Ya´ll:
    Did Flangehead say "CENTIPEDE", in one of his posts? Okay, thats enough for me to sign up with this outfit.

    I just don´t get why almost every company introduces F units or GP somethings. There must be 8 companies offering these locomotives in HO scale alone. Now they have finally gotten the FM trainmasters and the BLW VO´s out there but they are dead wrong when they say the trainmaster was the worlds first high horsepower diesel. The Baldwin Locomotive Works offered the Centipede as a passenger locomotive way ahead of FM. The idea was one Centipede could pull the wheels out from under the Broadway Limited where several EMD´s were required. Electrical demons caused their availability to be poor on the PENNSY but my friends in the old SAL west Jacksonville shops loved them. In fact one of the officials of motive power at CSX, a former ACL man said they were awsome. He went on to say that he thought they were offered in as high as 8,000 hp as well as 6,000 and 3,000 but there were no takers on the high end.
    That being said the Union Pacific had ONE on the books then up and canceled the order sometime before delivery to chase the turbine concept for Sherman Hill. What a shame as a couple of Centipedes on the point of a train in the dry west would not have had the electrical probblems which I´m told were water related, leaks and shorts.
    I have a Hallmark Brass Centipede painted for my Ocklawaha Valley Railroad (a northeast to southwest bridge line cutting a diagonal across Florida circa 1954. But if BL or PSM or LL or anyone else is reading this, then I agree with Flangehead. MASS PRODUCE the CENTIPEDE! Then put me down for FOUR. Thanks Flangehead, wonder if we´ll hear from anyone else?

  16. KCS

    KCS Member

    I had this problem once. It's not do to what you would think though. I had to remove all the gears only to find flash that had some how gotten in them from the factory. After cleaning and reservicing it's ran fine ever sense. I think I've got a hot box on it now though because I hear a very squeaky wheel.

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