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  1. trainrobber

    trainrobber New Member

    Hello everyone. I've been busy researching parts to scratch-build a few climax locomotives. Both are "class A', a 12 ton vertical boiler and a 15 ton tee boiler (I'll be posting some assembly pics hopefully soon). I purchased some NWSL drive chassis's. They are assentially the powering kit for the Keystone Shay without the Shay specific parts. I had them factory assemble them with 26"/88 spoked wheels for both the Climax's and a couple of Dunkirk's I'm planning on building. My problem lies with the sideframes for the Climax's, I've got some Simplex sideframes from Precision Scale that are going to work great with the Dunkirk's but nothing shy of scratchbuilding 4 pairs for the Climax's. If anyone has any resources to ho scale Climax sideframes or perhaps has the Climax Locomotive book by Oso and thinks that this resource (the book) is worth purchasing in assisting scratch-building these sideframes please let me know. Thanks everyone, hopefully one of these days I'll be able to "give something back" to this helpful sight.

    Thanks, Sean Patrick
  2. Dragon

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    Right up until you mentioned these were for the class A climax, i would have suggested the Fireman's side sideframes off the MDC shay.
    I WAS intending to scratchbuild a class B or C climax in HO scale by modifying the MDC shay, but could never find a good BRASS crossbox. The Grandt Line delrin crossbox, IMHO, sucks! It's huge, clunky, and the gears do not like to remain in mesh.

    I was also using the spoked, brass rimmed wheelsets from the MDC "Goose" kit. A little large, but not too bad.

    Maybe if you could get your hands on the left-side sideframes from the Keystone kit? Would these be close enough?


    P.S. - and in case you didn't get the subtle hint, anyone know where to get a small BRASS crossbox??? Please??
  3. krokodil

    krokodil Member

    For my climax I used the Keystone whitemetal frames for the boogies.

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  4. neilmunck

    neilmunck Member

    I too have the same problem. I am trying to make a vertical boiler class A standard gauge HO climax but like Sean says - I don't really want to build a set of 4 side frames.

    I was thinking about making a strip plastic master and cast copies in RTV or something however I don't have the raw materials to try casting with and I have never got round to trying:confused:

    Ideally I want to cast in white metal :)D brass?:D ) but I don't know how to do that either (yet).

  5. trainrobber

    trainrobber New Member

    LOL, it's kind of comforting to know that it isn't just me. Thanks for the views and responses all. If I find anything that looks promising I'll be sure to share it with the Gauge.
  6. krokodil

    krokodil Member

    Hi all

    I just recognized, that I piut the wrong picture (without frames yet). I wil upload a new one sorry for that.

    I used the Keystone Shay frames and made two more with a simple silicon copy method.
    You can buy a silicon for bathroom sealing. Use some quality separator on the Keystone Shay frames and push out some silicon to cover them (about 5-15 mm). After a few minutes the silicon dries and you can remove the frames. You can pure epoxy into the form or even a white metal (solder) after some trial this method works quite well and is fast and cheap enough. (for such simple parts)

  7. grlakeslogger

    grlakeslogger Member

    Climax book

    One of the first posts in this thread mentioned the Climax book. Were I scratchbuilding one of these, I would not be without the book. Before receiving mine as a Christmas gift from my brother, I had no idea there were so many variations to the Climax or that the Class A was manufactured right up to the end of the company. I consider it one of my smarter hobby acquisitions!

    Another great book I've used a lot in my modeling is Kinsey's "The Locomotive Portraits".

    Good luck in your project.
  8. trainrobber

    trainrobber New Member

    Thanks Stu. Is anyone familiar with "casting" methods involving either brass or white metal? I'm always game for involving new methods of this hobby. The building process is what I enjoy most, I don't mind spending the time on a project, I just like to do it the best possible way the first time. I know that this type of building requires trial and error, I'm just into quality.

    Thanks, Sean Patrick
  9. trainrobber

    trainrobber New Member

    p.s. It looks like this thread has taken quite a few hits already, hopefully I can come up with something. In my unsuccessful searches, I find it hard to believe that Precision has not produced sideframes for this application. It seems likely than anyone interested in shortline/logging has if not built a Climax, has either purchased or dreamed about one on his or her layout. The variations of the class A's were especially interesting to myself. I'm into the early days(late1800's-1920's) so the class A's, whether they be Climax's, Shays, or the Dunkirk's are what caught my eye and sparked interest in scratchbuilding. The variations are endless depending on what they needed and where they needed the engine, it's all up to you.

    anyway, blah blah blah
  10. neilmunck

    neilmunck Member


    Presicion Scale do make some side "Climax" frames however the ones i've seen were climax log car side frames which, although similar, are not quite the same as the loco ones.

    I'd really like to see a pic of you climax with side frames on krokodil

  11. trainrobber

    trainrobber New Member

    Neil, do you happen to have the stock # for those sideframes? To the best of my knowledge they(Precision Scale) don't list anything in Ho gauge with a heading containing the words "climax & sideframes". I'm almost sure that they make a climax sideframe in G gauge. I'd like to look at the one your pertaining to.

    Thanks Sean
  12. Lightbender

    Lightbender Member

    Hello Sean Patrick,

    I am not a jeweller but I am very involved with the trade and have jewellery casters as customers. Brass is easy to cast if you have lost wax jewellery casting equipment. I would recommend you find a trade caster and get some costs and see if you can get something cast and get a quickie lesson and see some equipment. I doubt whether many casters would be interested in letting you watch the process as it involves molten metals being flung in a centrifuge although some use vacuum casting. I could run through the full process if you are interested but I think most would appreciate the somewhat lengthy description being off list.
  13. neilmunck

    neilmunck Member

    They are actually Westside logging side frames - they look a lot like climax side frames though which must be how I remembered them. The bad news is that they HOn3 and designed for 26" wheels so are too small for standard guage purposes :( they are part numbers 585-31830 in the 1998 walthers catalogue which is where i saw them.

    I think casting might be the best bet. I find it hard to believe that NO-ONE makes HO scale climax side frames !??!?!?
  14. DWP

    DWP Member

  15. trainrobber

    trainrobber New Member

    Dave, Thaks for posting those sites, I have to look into that first one to see how the detail on a Ho sideframe will come out without involving a preasure molding. And the details in that second one are great. I'll let you know what I find out.

    Thanks Sean
  16. trainrobber

    trainrobber New Member

    Tony I'm guessing that the details involved in this process can come out pretty clean looking being Jewellry involved. We(the family) have a great jeweller in Tucson here and it will definately be worth asking him to maybe duplicate some sideframes for me, He's a good guy and I'm sure if the expense isn't too much that he wouldn't have a problem doing it.

    Thanks for the note, Sean
  17. Jeff Law

    Jeff Law New Member

    I made a master for some Climax sideframes some months ago, and then cast them in resin. It's my first attempt at a casting, but it's not too bad, although I've had problems with consistency of quality.
    I'm planning to cast some in metal in a few weeks (when I get the metal), so will see how that gets on.
    My sideframes were made for a HOn30 Class B, with the earlier-style fabricated (not forged) sideframes.
    By the way, I heartily concur with the view that 'The Climax Locomotive' book is a great buy. I've read my copy cover-to-cover twice.
    Mark Rollins had some Climax sideframes for sale - see http://www.mrollins.com/climaxpix.html

    Jeff Law
  18. neilmunck

    neilmunck Member

    I came across Mark Rollins ones a while ago but I think that the wheelbase is too short for a standard gauge loco. Correct me if I am wrong though!
  19. trainrobber

    trainrobber New Member

    I have a set of the Mark Rollins sideframes, but they were designed to fit trucks from a Life-Like deisel. I'm looking for something to go with NWSL's miniature chassis kits. The kits are basically the power kits that go with the Keystone shay only "shay specific" parts are omitted. The trucks that come with these kits have a 4'-4" wheel base and come stock with 26"/88 wheels that can be factory customized with spoked wheels for that Climax or Dunkirk. Anyway thanks for the replies guys, yes I'm still working on these sideframes and Jeff when you get some pics of the ones you cast would you mind sharing them and perhaps walking us through the process? Thanks again, please anyone with any other suggestions please let me know. With finishing up building my familys' first house it doesn't look like I'll actually be able to start my models for another 6 mo.'s or so.
  20. Jeff Law

    Jeff Law New Member

    My sideframes (as mentioned) earlier, were made to fit NWSL (Shay) trucks.

    I've just received some casting metal, so may try making some with that.

    If it works, I'll post some photos!

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