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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Dragos, Aug 9, 2008.

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    These vehicles are great. As well as a range of excellent, detailed buses and trolleybuses, there are a couple of cars and a trailer. All superb. Some detailed instructions are available by clicking a link labelled Návody k vystřihovánkám under the "Download sekce" heading.
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    Additional! - Just discovered that some of these - e.g. the Ikarus 553 minibus and the Karosa B731 and others - have optional steering front wheels! Articulated buses are made so that the accordion centre section is folded up and actually flexes. And that's in HO-scale! What I need to do is choose which I'm going to build first!!!!!
  4. great find!!! now i dont have to order the buses in the HO scale walthers catalog.... 20$-30 apiece for a bus is a bit to much:p ... it's a shame no american buse like that can be found... i need some old GMC "old look" buses and "fishbowls" . there was a czech site that had motor coaches in it ... it was like a minbox site ,and the buses were well detailed... anyone know if it is still up??? i dont think i bookmarked the site after i downloaded some models:(
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    Made one!

    Finally got round to making one! Chickened out on the steering, though! Would look great on a HO layout.

    The picture is cruelly about twice life size.

    It was a bit tricky in places. The wheels are made by forming a circle of the tyre then making spirals of 2.5mm wide card on the inside of that to make solid wheels. The rear ones are double wheels with the outer of each having (correctly) an inset rim. You can just see the mud-flaps. Note also the mirrors - mounted as directed on tiny pieces of wire.

    Enjoyed this build!

    More to come!

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    What, no interiors? Just joking. Looks great. I've been collecting stuff for an N scale railroad layout and these would do just right scaled down.

    Dragos sure comes up some interesting stuff, doesn't he?
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    Phew! Scale these down to N-scale and they'll be REALLY tricky!!!!

  9. did you glue the formers into the bus body before glueing it on to the frame??
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    There aren't any interior formers. I glued all the sides/front/rear together, then the roof. The floor is not just flat and has to have the "wheel wells" glued in before attaching it to the sides.

    When I build another coach, I'll post build pics as I go along.

  11. i see some smaller buses may not have any types of formers...i refer to the larger skoda's and karosa's
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    Those are small. I have not tried anything on that scale, hmmmm. About how long did it take?
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    A couple of hours spread over two sessions (the wheels needed a bit of a rest!)
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    Cool, I think I may give one of these a try. The wheels do look a bit challenging. I am wondering if there is an easier way to accomplish them.
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    Thanks Telman. These look great.

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