HMV-Altmark 1:250 is now available

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  1. Werner

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    Hi folks,
    the very long project,startet at cfm-Verlag many years ago , is now finished by HMV-Verlag Hamburg.
    Many years ago ,the cfm-Verlag has the idea to built a ship like the "Altmark".
    He also found a developer,Peter Brandt, at this time a free lancer. He startet to the develop this ship.Later Peter became member at the HMV team and he takes over his own ideas to his new job.The cfm-Verlag sold the copy-rights to HMV-company and Peter was able to finish.
    The result is a very detailed supplier from the last war.We designed it in civil version seen at Spanish Civil war in 1938 by supplying Graf Spee in the Mediterranian Sea....

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  2. sergiotang95

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    Nice! I've always loved the models from HMV. They're so detailed, but all those small parts are time consuming. That's why I've yet to finish one.
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    Im very interested on HMV models , :twisted:

    Possible to direct me to his contact / website address please,... anyone please..


    Best regards
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  5. Nicolelew

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    Tks Tks

    But is this the original website site?? :mrgreen:
  6. Beachead

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    Glad this thread showed up. I'm starting to like merchant ships more than naval even though I'm a naval history nut and spent 21 yrs in the U.S.N. The Altmark looks awesome! The designer/developer did a fantastic job.

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