HMS Starling 1/200 Black Swan class sloop 1944

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    Thanks for the kind words on the models starling was always a favourite unfortunately I have not got anything on the German navy modifications to the class. I think they upgraded them. Wifried has said in the past that he would build one at some point which would be a beautiful model.

    I do not lock customers out of modifying any models I put together as kits, so it is possible to modify them. If you have an overall view of Graf Spee I would like to see it but at the moment I would make no promises but the hull must be the same.
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    Thank Youfor your quick reply

    Hallo Barry,

    thank you for your kind and quick reply.
    The ships of the black swan class formed an own class in the federal german Navy, called Schulfregatte Klasse 138 (Schoolfrigate class 138).
    As far as i know, their modification were of minor nature. The afterdeck was striped of its anti submarine weapons, therefore an additional deckhouse was erected for the accomodation and the education of young cadets.
    I am a little busy these days but i try to send you some of the photos i already mentioned this weekend. There one can see quite good the modifications of the afterdeck.
    For the moment a can send you a link with a picture of the graf spee.
    It's a german site, but i think you recognize the black swan without problems

    There are quite few pictures of the german black swans in the net at all
    But there is no overall view of the whole ship, just details.When i compare the pictures of your model with the photos of my father's ship, they haven't changed a lot.

    Coming back to your model, you think it would be okay for you, when i would buy your kit and then modify it to my own purpose?
    For me it would be almost a sacrilege reconstructing one of your beautiful models.
    I think i know Wilfried from the german Kartonbau Forum. I could wait until he builds a german Black Swan. But as far as i know he just builds waterline models, and i prefer complete models.
    They are quite more impressive.

    May i ask you how long do you use computer for CAD. I've seen some of your reports in the Kartonbau forum using metasequioa, dating back in 2005?
    Have you learned it by yourself, or did you do CAD professionally?

    I'm trying hard to learn blender, but it takes a while.

    But before i think about a possible reconstruction of your black swan i have to do my university exam. And if there's some time left, i try to improve my blender knowledge.

    So i'm looking forward to see new models of you, get well soon.

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    I am sorry I have been having internet troubles and I missed your post. I always leave my models unlocked so it is relatively easy to modify them.

    I started using CAD around 2005 and with a lot of help from from a few friends finally learnt enough to design ships. If you just want to do reasonably simple mods I suggest you have a look on Gremir's site where they have a very useful little cad program that designs individual items very accurately it is called siatki and you can download some samples to check out.

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    Love your Starling! I'm old enough to have seen one of the last Bird class ships in service, HMS Crane , in Hong Kong, mid sixties. Mind you it was not a happy sight as she had ploughed into the side of the inshore sweeper, HMS Damerham, having screwed up coming alongside.
    Keith M
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    Thanks keith the Egyptian Navy still have one laid up I think
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