HMS Repulse, Fantom model, 1:300

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    I wish there existed a set of plans which show those boiler room intakes! A WWI British armored cruiser---wonderful!!!!! Maybe DEFENSE?! Guess what? I found a Japanese aerial photograph from the 10 Dec 1941 battle, and it clearly shows REP's anchor deck still in the pre-war dark color (prob AP507A). I will look it up again and post it here for you! Thank you for your magnificent work. I'll buy whatever you do! By the way, John Roberts has some wonderful plans for the QUEEN MARY battlecruiser in 1:250 scale folded at the back of his BATTLECRUISERS book (still available from US Amazon for $23.00). A 1916 QUEEN MARY would really sell, I'll bet! Cheers and thanks again for your wonderful work!
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    Here is the overhead shot of REPULSE on 10 Dec 1941---she is at the bottom of the frame, just straddled by bombs---note the dark anchor deck:


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