HMS "Prince of Wales"/GPM Nr 198

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Scorpio, Dec 29, 2004.

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    OK...Thanks Christoph.....that has been bothering me for a while......

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    four guns turret

    French pre-WW2 battleships Dunkerque, Strasbourg, Richelieu and Jean Bart, had eight big guns, splitted into two front turrets only, to spare armour weight, on the other hand, the mechanism allowing elevation couldn't act them separately: the twins right were bound, and the twin left too, so it could be considered as a 2x2 turret.
  3. Scorpio

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    Hello friends,

    Today only a few photos of ready built Geschütztürmen A, B, C
    On tower B and C still reach " Chicago pianos " .
    All together it is inserted on the ship 6 pieces of it as an air defense.
    But about that point I writes later.
  4. Scorpio

    Scorpio Member

    And still from the front
    With the best greetings to all my friends
  5. andrewthewise

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    Looks absolutely stunning Christoph - flawless build.


  6. Scorpio

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    Hello friends,

    I have built 6 " Chicago pianos " finally, ready.
    Now only rail on the main deck and rigging remains
    Here a few photos of my ship

  7. jrts

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    Hi Christoph

    What no gun crew working them :shock:

    This is and has been a real joy to watch you build this work of art 8)
    Some very good tips learned by all I think, I know I have.

    Thanks for sharing this with us all and we look forward to Victory soon

  8. tino

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    Hi Christoph,

    What do you use for the gun barrels?
    Did you by the pre made guns from GPM or do you build them by yourself?

    Your builds are allways so perfect and you build them so quikly...
    Congratulations for this ship.

    Can I make one sugestion?
    Can you put show some pictures old builds from you that we never see. I mean showing the the models ready.

    Diamantino Mateus
  9. garyj36

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    Do you suppose this build could be condensed into an article?
  10. barry

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    pom pom


    The pianos look like Steinways quality !!

    Work of art again

  11. Scorpio

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    Hello dear friends,
    Slowly I come at the end of my construction report. Today the last part:
    The rigging. If only the whole model remains with protection UV varnish paint and ready.
    Tomorrow I put photos of ready model.
    Thus till morning

    JIM BAUMANN New Member

    stunning job Scorpio!

    well done--and quick!

    I assume it is wire you are using for the fore/aft antennas? nice 'droop'.!

    Look forward to seeing the 'complete' picture..!


  13. Scorpio

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    Hello dear friends,
    Finally, the construction report is at the end. Now I show only the pictures I today has done. I have decided all pictures here reinstellen because in the principle to the construction report belong.
    I wanted to do the photos so that they point like it possibly a lot from the model. Whether has to me this succeeded? I do not know.
    I might still say that the nice climate and your auxiliary readiness had big influence on run this report. For it I might thank me with You from whole hearts.
    We see ourselves again with the next project "HMS VICTORY" I together with Michael and Rob does.

    With the best greetings
  14. Scorpio

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    Next Foto
  15. Scorpio

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  16. Scorpio

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    Next Fotos
  17. Scorpio

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  18. Scorpio

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  19. Scorpio

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    And three last photos.
    I think that Ron nothing has against it that,
    I leave the pictures here two weeks, then I extinguish bigger part around place on forum to save.

    With the best greetings
  20. dk

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    Simply Awesome! I am sure no one has that much patience to build a ship like that. My respect to all ship builders.

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