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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Darwin, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    After a bit of a rest from it, I've returned to a redraw project of the Maly Modelars' King George. Being hooked by all the 1:200 scale builds that have been posted, I've changed direction a bit by converting the original 1:300 scale to the larger format....however, I'm a bit concerned that the amount of detail in the original kit may prove inadequate when translated to the larger scale. Does anyone out there have some reference material for the King George they could share?
  2. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    KGV from Maly Modelarz is several years old so the design and detail level are not up to today's standard...

    Why don't you try the Prince of Wales from GPM instead?
    Excellent design, attractive camouflage and 1:200 scale...........
  3. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    :twisted: Because I am a masochist.
  4. Maurice

    Maurice Member

    Dear Masochist

    The KG V is defininitly one of the less worse ones from Maly Modelarz (1986). It seems to have been designed with reference to accurate info and there's quite a bit of purely printed stuff that could be modelled with more substance at 1/200. No idea of the fit of parts. Just don't use the original paper. :D
    Might help. The plans could have been better scanned but the the blotched part of the split sheet can be trimmed and it cobbles together well.

  5. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Maurice, of all the members, I figured you would be the one to understand my malady. I have posted a teaser pic of the redraw in my album (since I am one of the dummys who hasn't figured out how to insert pics into the forum postings....hint, hint....we need a tutorial. Please don't hold your breath until this sucker gets done, will end up looking like a Smurf.
  6. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Thanks to, and almost in spite of (the first clap of thunder drove the electrons away for a couple of hours), a rainy Sunday, a bit more progress made on the redraw. My redirection got redirected after looking closely at the deck of the Rodney. My assumed plank width of 1 foot looks awfully clunky in comparison, so I narrowed them down to 6 inches (translates to about 5 pixels at a 150 dpi resolution, which is about the most my preferred graphics software will handle for large parts). I have much, much appreciation for the graphics artists who attempt accurate depiction of planked eyes are swimming. I'm not sure I'm all that happy with the plank color. Any RGB setting suggestions or general comments from the peanut gallery? (Picture is posted in my gallery...the 45 kb limit for attachments is killing my attempts to attach to the postings.
  7. lgl007

    lgl007 Member

    Hey Darwin,

    Those planks now look exactly like HMV edtion ship planks... very nice and clean :D

  8. j77ason

    j77ason New Member

    I probably have a plans set of KGV and probably the original Maty Modelarz as well - I'll have to check if you are still interested.

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