Hms Enterprise 1774

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by tzatta, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. tzatta

    tzatta New Member

    Hello everyone

    Could someone tell me if they have built HMS Enterprise 1774?

    This will be my first card build EVER. My wife has ordered it without my knowledge so I need to know what I am letting myself in for.
  2. tzatta

    tzatta New Member

    Hello everyone

    I have been looking at the accessories for HMS Enterprise and wondering if I should order now or when I need them, and I noticed that the site my wife ordered from also has what they call Modellar Plans.

    The modellar plans are a little bit more expensive than model kits.

    I contacted the site to enquire between the difference and they said this...

    The main diffrence between this two is this, that in modellar plans you have only technical drawings and in paper model you have ready printed and colored parts for self cutting with scissors

    It seems odd to me that technical drawings would be more expensive than actual model kits. Tech drawings are just that!...drawings. Unless the model kit is inferior in some way.

    Perhaps the tech drawings is for those who wish to build from scratch without the kit?

    Does anyone have experience with this?
  3. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    The tech drawings could probably be used to make molds for plastic models. They usually are quite detailed. I suggest going for the kit. If you really god at CAD, then you can make a model from the plans, you can do so without CAD, and in a way, on a lot of parts it's easier, point is that it is far more time consuming using plans. If you want to build the ship model, get the kit. :)
  4. tzatta

    tzatta New Member

    Hi zathros

    Thank you for your reply. My wife has bought the kit already and I was wondering if the tech drawing 'enhanced' the kit in some way.

    No matter. I have to wait for Christmas anyway. It will be my first model so I will have lots of questions.
  5. Bumbury

    Bumbury New Member

    I hope its not to late to post but for future info most tech drawings as has been my experience with wooden models are multiaple pages/layers of specs to build a ship from scratch..

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