HMS Bounty, Shipyard model 1/96

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by lundungurl, May 10, 2010.

  1. lundungurl

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    Hi, I haven't been to this forum in awhile but came back to check out some peoples sailing ship models. I'm going to build the HMS Bounty and I am wondering if anyone else has built this and can offer any advice... Or a build log would be great! My Polish is not so good, so I'll be relying most on diagrams to build this.

    I do have a question about card stock though... I have #110 card stock, does anyone know how this compares in millimeters? For the hull, it calls for 1mm and 2mm. Thanks in advance fore any help.
  2. lundungurl

    lundungurl New Member

    build log for Shipyard HMS Bounty 1/96 scale

    I will be taking pics of this ship and posting them here but I won't get my camera back til tomorrow. So far, I have been working on the hull. I laminated 2 pieces of #110 together for the main structure of the hull and while that was drying I worked on the dinghy. Anyway, I'll be posting pics soon.
  3. lundungurl

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    HMS Bounty build log

    Hi, as promised, here are a few pics of what I've got so far. I still have to finish gluing some support pieces in the hull to make it sturdy enough for when I spray foam in it. I also have to put a small piece on the back of the dinghy. For the dinghy, I used watercolor to try and resemble more of a "wood" look. I plan on sanding down the sides of the dinghy to get rid of the lines. Since this is my second ship, I'm still learning so any advice or help would be appreciated. I also was in the process of building the Black Pearl when we moved and sadly the model has disappeared. Anyway, let me know what you think so far. Cheers!

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  4. bulldogowner

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    Looking good so far!! Keep the pics coming!!
  5. lundungurl

    lundungurl New Member

    Well, I have been doing some reinforcing of the hull so it will be stable when I spray in the foam. I didn't like the fold lines showing on the sides of the dinghy, so I sanded them down with an emery board and painted on some liquid paper (white out). After it dried I sanded again with the emery board. It's relatively smooth but I might do some more sanding. Later today I'll paint it and spray the hull with foam. More pics to follow...
  6. lundungurl

    lundungurl New Member

    Oops... I forgot to add the pics

    Here's what the dinghy looks like now. Later today I'll paint it.

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  7. lundungurl

    lundungurl New Member

    Dinghy finished

    Well the dinghy is finished but needs another coat of sealer which I will apply later. I didn't use the foam on the hull because according to the directions it looks like there is 2 layers so that should take care of any lumps and bumps. We'll see though. If it doesn't work then I'll build another one and use the foam.

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  8. lundungurl

    lundungurl New Member

    planking done

    The planking is finished! I put 2 layers of planking on the hull and sanded as good as I could between layers without taking too much paper off. I've filled any gaps with liquid paper and sanded again. Soon I'll paint the hull white. So far, the parts to this model fit very well together. If anyone has built this model before and noticed any inconsistencies in the way the pieces fit could you give me a heads up? Here are a couple pics.

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  9. luvecraft

    luvecraft New Member

    Can't wait to seethe finish model! so far it look great sir.
  10. lundungurl

    lundungurl New Member

    Thanks for the nice comments Bulldogowner and Luvecraft... Actually, I'm a girl :wink:

    I won't be working on the model until this weekend after work (12 hr graveyard shift!) but I hope to get more done. Does anyone have any suggestions for filler and smoothing out the hull? I've heard putty, wood filler. Any other suggestions? I will post more pics in a couple days
  11. marmeus

    marmeus New Member

    that will be a hard set, good luck !

  12. birder

    birder member

    I think cheap latex wood filler is fine but recommend sealing the paper with some spray sealer like Krylon art sealer or something similar....with Cleopatra there are two layers of card a white layer, and then the planking, so I used putty on the white layer and let the planking be on the outside when smoothed off....good luck I like the lines of the formers:thumb: It is never too late to fair the hull if no rigging going up
  13. matineematt7

    matineematt7 New Member

    I've been interested in building the "Bounty" for quite some time. Where can I find this particular model?

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