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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by artistone, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. artistone

    artistone Member

    I built this Bounty and the dioramma out of paper, papier mache. Any ideas to make my models better in future are welcome. hope you like it.

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  2. cygielski

    cygielski Member

    Nice job - I like the dynamic look the model has. But since you ask for pointers, in the future you might consider what gale-force winds do to the tops of waves - they're not simply foamy - they're foamy because they're blown at high speed in a single direction. That means white streaks away from your assumed wind direction across the water. Second, ocean waves are much longer and flatter even in high seas - that means yours are a bit too "peaky" - more like breakers near the shore. Third, when a ship crashes through a wave, there is A LOT of spray from the bow. Fourth, a good seaman like Captain Bligh would never fly all sheets to the wind in a storm, which I take you meant to portray here. Take down some of the sails from the top, maybe leaving the courses and staysails on. Lastly, the yard-arms should never be in that position during heavy weather - a ship would always sail a few points away from the wind direction to keep from burying her bow in the water, so the yardarms would be braced around at at least a little and the ship would heel a few degrees away from the wind direction even in the lightest of winds.
  3. Oliver Bizer

    Oliver Bizer Member

    OH YES, i like it.
    Fantastic work.
  4. Padre

    Padre Guest

    Who the heck cares what some people looks GREAT!!!

    Good job. I like it.
  5. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    I agree with everything said so far :mrgreen:. I like it when people put their models in an appropriate setting. It adds so much to the model.

    Simon does have some excellent pointers. If I may make a suggestion, try setting the hull deeper into the water. Also take a look at paintings of the era. Many will show the kind of detail that will help make your models even more realistic.

    You're off to a great start! Keep posting pictures so we can see your progress! :thumb:
  6. cygielski

    cygielski Member

    Come on, Padre, don't make me sound like some kind of complainer. Artistone asked for constructive criticism, and I gave it to him. I still think it's a nice model - as I mentioned in my original post.

    SEBRET Member

    I agree, what Cygielski said in his first post was exactly what i would expect to here from a more informed modeler. He explained what he knew about model realism and what the model lacked in that department, and he never insinuated that this was a bad model in any way. I think one of the traits of a good modeler is the ability to take blunt, possibly even somewhat harsh, criticism at times, especially in the beginning. It's Nice to compliment new members as they branch into a hobby, but at the same time, sugar coating everything can restrict the skill of a modeler by giving them the sense that they don't have to get better.

    Long story short, I love the model, and I hope you were able to learn something from Cygielski's tips.
  8. I agree. We have all been too kind in the past. We need to understand that we don't get better by only hearing how great our work is. I have seen some terrible work posted here and nothing but praise. First let me say I laud the modeler who knowing full wel his work is sub par posts it anyway. That shows they are looking for suggestions along with the praise. Constructive criticism should be the theme. We should never say anything to demoralize our newbees or the experiences for that matter. We share what we learn and we learn from what we share. Be kind, but be honest.

    That is my point of view, what is yours?

    I also think the effort put into this diorama deserves a bit of praise. It is not easy to do what he has done here. And I am sure that when he diplays it at home, no one is going to notice the points made here. But if you want to be real, then listen to the criticism. You will only get better.
  9. artistone

    artistone Member

    Hey, thanks for the ideas. I added the 'spray' part later..just forgot to take pics... I am currently building a P40 warhawk in a diorama setting similar to GMP's south pacific diorama. Unfortunately, i am unable to download Alin's superb engine models. The Zshare thing just keeps going to the same page again and again. Could anyone guide me to the proper way of downloading them, or maybe could someone send me the files, (if it is ok to ask, pls tell me. I will send my email id then).
    Thanks and regards
  10. artistone

    artistone Member

    And, i dont mind 'constructive' criticism... It just makes me better, as long as it is valid comments :)!!!!
  11. Now if we can get everyone to agree----
  12. artistone

    artistone Member

    Is there any good reference on how to build dioramas that i could use??
  13. artistone

    artistone Member

    er... can i use alin's merlin for the P-40? (forgive me if i am in the wrong part of the forum (ships)) . Just couldnt resist my curiosity..
  14. birder

    birder member

    I'm building a Gremir p-40 and looked at the Merlin model and compared to the Allison. It is possible to make some small changes and make the merlin look similar to the allison, especially if only part of the engine is exposed. I have the Merlin downloaded if you want it
  15. B-Manic

    B-Manic Peripheral Visionary

    IMO John Reid's post on this site is a good place to start

    Unfortunately many of the pictures are missing

    "How to Build Creative Dioramas for Your Scale Auto Models" by Ken Hamilton has some excellent tips & tricks
  16. Elliott

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