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    I want to shear with you the "never ending story" of this model, that I hope to finish this time for good.

    From interest in military history, the short and active history of the HMS Ark Royal was very interesting, and modeling it, was a high priority in my "wish list". In the 90's I had a subscription for Maly Modelarz models, and when in 1990 they published a 1:300 model of the HMS Ark Royal, I put every thing a side and started to build it.



    After finishing the framing structure, and while doing the hull plating, I run into some problems - In those "dark days" Maly's paper was rough like sand paper, and the printed colors (at list in my copy) were dark, and the hull looks like a disaster. At that time it was hard to find information like pictures and drawings (at list in Israel)– Internet was something to dream of, and I had to put this model aside.

    Some years later, with the advance of the internet, I have found some general drawings, and camouflage data, and the model was restarted. I removed the hull plating, and re-do it again. Hull was painted using Acrylic paint.

    Bridge model design provided by Maly looks different from the drawings I have, and without more pictures, the model was put aside once more, but continue my internet search


    Beginning of 2006, I have found more pictures, and I felt that this time it will have a happy ending. At the moment I have around 70Mags of data, most of the information was coming from:
    1. Model Warships forum specific on HMS Ark Royal
    2. Google search for drawing and pictures
    3. Drawing bought from Windjammer Arts at a scale of -----
    4. An Morsky Collection publication on HMS Ark Royal from 2001.
    5. Scans from publications on history of Fleet Air Arm and Royal Navy cariers, that have a few pictures of it.

    Based on this data the bridge was screatch build from base, including base for the rear pom-pom gun, and some pipes routing.


    The bow was partially re-designed with some detailling. The following pictures are the model statuse as it is now.


    To continue, I will appreciate geting some help on the following:
    - More bridge details
    - Color of the boats and rafts
    - color of AA directors

    Thanks for any help,

    Shalom Mor
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    A pretty model of an interesting and "pretty" ship and such a long build history!

    You have a real passion.


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