HMCS OTTAWA II / Ex HMS Griffin - Question

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by B-Manic, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. B-Manic

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    I am building HMS Glowworm as HMCS OTTAWA (the second, pennet H31). I have gotten all the differences but one. Does anyone know what version of hedgehog OTTAWA had and how they/it were placed (location)?

    Any assistance is appreciated -

  2. Stev0

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    Hmmm ... is this a Corvette? We have a restored one sitting downtown. Flower Class I reckon. <= She's right here. ;)


    Guess everyone who is in love with or building the flower class would enjoy a link to her.
  3. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Another view...

  4. barry

    barry Active Member

    Thanks Steve I needed a picture of a hedgehog
  5. wunwinglow

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    Oh, I am so tempted to post a pic of Mrs Tiggywinkle......

  6. Maurice

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    In the picture at
    the hedgehog has replaced A gun and this was the case on V&W class conversions, I don't know definitely for H31.
    Some ships could fit the hedgehog abaft A gun
    with more details at
    I think the version choice is between Hedgehogs Mk 10 and 11 but the main difference seems to have been only the exact setting of the spigots.
  7. B-Manic

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    Thanks StevO- but, no OTTAWA was a Destroyer. That looks like the Mk 10 launcher. I am in lovely Halifax regularly and often vist SACKVILLE and have even been invited to the St. Barbara's Day celebration onboard.


    These others are of the Mk 15

    And good links ->

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  8. Stev0

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    ok so it's NOT a flower class?
  9. B-Manic

    B-Manic Peripheral Visionary

    No - it/she was a G - Class RN Destroyer gifted to the RCN
  10. michik

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    To make this absolutely clear:
    The HMCS Ottawa was a converted Destroyer,
    here's a picture of her:

    And here a cardboard model:

    As for the Hedgehog: I went for something Mk10ish on my model, however in 1/1250 you need not worry too much about such things. After all, no one can see it anyway! But maybe somone can provide us with the dates of introduction of the different types of hedgehog. As far as I know, the Griffin was converteds to a convoy escort during her RN time. I.e. (roughly), we can eliminate all types of hedghog that were inroduced 1943 or later, can't we?

  11. B-Manic

    B-Manic Peripheral Visionary

    WOAAAAAH!! thats a small model - looks fantastic.

    I agree with your assumptions however, I'd like to be sure. The research I have done so far indicates she had a 'large' hedgehog (Mk 15?). Also that some G and H class destroyers had the B mount replaced with a hedgehog projector. But, all the pictures of OTTAWA show her with all four turrets. If I was adding a Mk 15, I would add it directly aft of B mount. But I'd like to be sure. I guess I'll have to make a trip to the Naval Museum at NADEN an see what info they have (hopefully the have a model).

    Cheers and thanks for the input :) I'll post pix of my progress in a seperate thread later today . . .
  12. michik

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    Just got hit by an inspiration particle, had a look and...

    According to (scroll down to about the last quarter) the only possible hedghog projectors were the mk10 and mk11. I haven't found a picture of a mk11, yet, but my personal guess would be, that both types will look pretty much the same (I read again and again that one fired the depth charges in a circular pattern while the other did it in an oval one, but no other differences are mentioned).

    Hope this helps a bit further!
  13. Bernhard

    Bernhard Member

    I do not claim to have any knowledge as to what kind of projector was mounted on the Ottawa.
    But if it was a Mark 15, here is some info that might help to build one for your model:
    Since this is a trainable version it might well occupy the place of mount B.


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