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    with the approaching 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy (2010) I thought a build of the first ship comissioned into the new RCN would be a great build.

    DIADEM Class of RN 'heavy protected cruisers.'

    Built by Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness, in England, she was launched on the 20th of February 1897 and was an imposing vessel. She weighed in at 11,000 tons and was 466 feet long, had a beam of 69 feet and a draft of 26 feet. She mounted 16-6" guns, 12-12 pounders, 5-3pounders and 2-18" torpedo tubes. The top speed of her reciprocating engines was between 15 and 17 knots (for short periods and although she had a design speed of 20.5 knots) and her normal cruising speed was around 10 knots. At this cruising speed, she would consume about 1 ton of coal for every 10 nautical miles she steamed, and her bunkers could hold up to 1000 tons of coal. Endurance was, until the creation of the 'cruising turbine' the only advantage that the stream reciprocating engine had over the steam turbine. Her crew complement was around 675 all ranks.

    Very large picture

    Any assistance is appreciated :)
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    This year is the 50th Anniversary of the HMCS Bonneventure. My uncle was part of the original crew who picked her up from overseas when she was imcomplete and ripe for commision. I recently volunteered to work at the local Shearwater Air Museum and there will be a display about this ship.

    If I can get my hands on some great blueprints. I can guarantee some digital work will happen.
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    The Bonnie...I still say that we should have stayed in the carrier game, and shoulda bought the A-4 or the A-7 as a replacement for the Banshee. Ah well, there is a certain cold satisfaction in saying "I told you so..."

    The Museum has a nice 1/48 model of the Bonnie, you might be able to get some good photos of it to work from.
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    HMCS NIOBE was in fact the second ship commissioned into the RCN, commissioning at Devonport, England on 6th September 1910
    The first was HMCS RAINBOW, an "Apollo" Class 2nd Class Cruiser, built by Palmers, Jarrow and launched 25th March 1891. She commissioned into the "Naval Service of Dominion Goverments - Canada" at Portsmouth, England 4th August 1910
    It would be nice to see a card model of her as well
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    Hate to pick-the-nit but

    Hate to pick-the-nit but - we are both wrong

    January 12th, 1910 saw royal assent given for the birth of the “Naval Service of Canada” also known as the “Canadian Naval Forces” under the Naval Service Bill, a resolution by George Foster to the Canadian government of Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier.The British cruiser Rainbow was the first ship commissioned into Canada's navy on August 4, 1910, at Portsmouth, England. She arrived at Esquimalt, British Columbia, on November 7, 1910, and carried out fishery patrols and training duties on Canada's west coast.

    The Naval Service of Canada changed its name to Royal Canadian Navy on January 30, 1911, but it was not until August 29 that the use of "Royal" Canadian Navy was permitted by King George V. This is one year after Rainbow was commisioned.

    The cruiser HMCS Niobe launched from Britain in 1899, and joined the “Naval Service of Canada” fleet until October 21st, 1910 as you stated. Again before the RCN had royal assent.

    The RCN designation was used until 1968 when the armed forces of Canada unified to become the Canadian Forces Maritime Command (MARCOM). However, when referring to the Canadian Navy it is still popularly called the Royal Canadian Navy.

    So technically neither was comissioned into the RCN but rather the "Naval Service of Canada". It would be interesting to see the 'Captains Book' to see when they were transferred to the RCN designation.

    So what was the actual first ship commisioned in the actual RCN?

    HMCS Rainbow would be another great model in paper.
  6. Rick Thomson

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    The first actual ship commissioned into the RCN?

    According to it looks like a three way tie with HMCS's Aurora, Patrician, and Patriot all commissioned on 1 Nov 1920.

    I suppose that HMCS Aurora being a cruiser it would take precedence over the other two.
  7. B-Manic

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    That's about what I figured as well. I'll have to start my search for resources all over again. HMCS Aurora looks like an easier build than the earlier two.

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