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    That is a very colorful story about life in the past and how the season affected the river and the people. The Pa countryside is beautiful with the mountains and rivers.It would be fun to go back again to go siteseeing. The guys on the train with their laptop computers are missing an oppotunity to enjoy the scenery and take a break form work. Work will be there later anyway. When my son was younger I went camping with the boyscouts. That I remember, the work I didn't get done instead, well I don't remeber that. It must have gotten done anyway.
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    Thanks for that fine article I did enjoy reading it, as I always like to hear stories of Indians and their way of life. Always have liked rocks and nature and wonder where the rocks came from and how old they are. Used to like taking hikes in the outdoors out in the woods, and enjoyed the nature and especially enjoyed areas that said the Indians used to live there and had their little creeks.
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    I like to go hiking too. It is nice to get outside in the fresh air and see nature. There is a state park a couple hours from here that has a nice trail along a lake. There is a rocky bluff there too with a trail to hike. Very pretty scenery.

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