History of the Mallet from 1962 mag

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    Thank you, Fred, for posting this article!

    It brought back memories from childhood, when my grandpa (he was a station master and I spent every free minute on 'his' station) showed me a big book with all these giant American steam engines. I remember the pictures of the AT&SF loco with the harmonica hinge in the boiler, and also the mighty ERIE triplexes. Oh how I wished we had such locomotives here in Switzerland!

    Unfortunately my grandma gave the book away when grandpa died. :mad: She didn't care about my protests - and so it was gone for good... And later I never found out the title or the author of the book. :(

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    Thanks from me also.. Back in the late 50's the big SP cab forwards came out of Alturas Ca. to a siding called Perez where I work. They waited in the siding for a long train and then hooked up behind the caboose to help the train over a hill. I even managed to hook a ride in one.
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    And now, here's a history of the Mullet :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  5. In Portugal there were Mallets too... I was glad to know a little more about the story of this locomotives... Thanks
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    That site is incomplete! There isn't even a mention of the most famous Mullet wearer, Joe Dirt(e). FRED
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    Tell it to the judge!

    :D Val
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    I'm running out of web space so this will link be pulled down april 5, 2004 at 5pm CDST. FRED

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