Highly detailed LUT+MLP and Crawler Paper Models

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    for Saturn V/Apollo, scales of 1/144, 1/100, 1/96 and 1/70 can be founded here:


    This may be not a "new" post here, I found it on Yahoo Group "Space-Paper-Models". These are not free models (120 US$ for LUT+MLP, plus 45$ shipping for us Europeans), they are selled only pre-printed (no PDF allowable), but they seems really worth a look at them.:thumb::thumb::thumb:

    I'm wondering using the 1/70 scale version, scanned, rescaled to 1/48, together with Ton and Jonathan's 1/48 Saturn V model. It will make a 120" high tower (must add the crawler):confused:.

    It will represent months of work, begining (if yes) only in 2010, and maybe a hole in the ceiling...sign1 and a perfect climb-toy for the kittysign1

    Go and have a look, let the dream goes on (and David, the author, is very friendly):wave:

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    Looks like a fabulous kit. The detail is incredible.



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