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    Spotted that site a few times, those ship models look really attractive. Thanks for the link!
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    it also looks like they are selling a Space battleship Yamato...thats rare!!
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    I haver never seen a space battleship Yamato.....o well, kinda like the FW-190 or P-51 of fantasy space card modeling, way too many to ever know which is best. O well, looks nice enough. Thanks for link.
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    For anyone else puzzled about the downloading: Click on a tiny blue square to the lower right of the picture. Jpegs load on new page (two per model - plan & diagram) Save these to your folder.

  6. Very nice!

    The Azuma is particularly noteworthy -- this turreted ironclad was originally built in France for the Confederate States of America, but the US Civil War ended before the CSS Stonewall fully entered service. (The ship was named in honor of Confederate General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson.) Had it joined the battle earlier, the Union Navy would have suffered severely, since only the USS New Ironsides was deemed capable of engaging the CSS Stonewall on equal terms in the open sea. (The North had plenty of monitors, but they weren't designed for ocean combat.)

    The CSS Stonewall was turned over to US authorities, and sold to the Tokugawa Shogunate as the Kôtetsu. However, due to the overthrow of the Shogunate, the ship was delivered to forces supporting the Emperor. The Azuma actually fought opposing ironclads during the closing battles of the Meiji Restoration -- something Western naval scholars tend to overlook. Afterwards, the Azuma became the first modern warship of the new Imperial Japanese Navy, a force that would ultimately become the US Navy's most dangerous foe since the days of Confederate ironclads and commerce raiders.

    So the direct ancestor of the IJN Yamato once flew the Confederate flag.

    Confederate Ships--CSS Stonewall (1865)

    Japanese Navy Ships--Azuma (Ironclad Ram, 1865)
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    Thanks for the history lesson

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    What the h*ll's a space battleship??????

    Anyone got the "history" on THIS one????

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    I remember seeing a cartoon in the late 1970's about the Yamato being converted into a space battleship, one that travels around in space fighting bad guys and such. It was all about the adventures and troubles of the ship and crew. The spaceship looked like the Yamato, but refitted for space travel. :D
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    Wow! I'm amazed! Some people know everything ! ! !


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    I've got the paper model...one of these days i'll build the D*m thing!
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    Just to be precise... the correct word is an "anime" ;) --Sorry I'm kinda over-sensitive to people who mix them with western cartoons :D
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    Wow. I am new to card modeling, but I have found so much info in 8 hours on this forum then anywhere else! I always wondered what happened to the Stone Wall.

    I remember the show Star Blazers well, I think it hit the states in about 1979 or 1980. When I see an image of the "Argo" (Space battleship Yamato) I can still hear the theme song running in my head.

    I wounder what the other ships in the battle during the Restoration were like. The Stonewall would have been pretty cutting edge for some time to come, and many lesser ships used during the ACW were sold to countries such as France, Haiti and Russia. Any how, way cool.
  14. The Kôtetsu was indeed pivotal -- she was the most advanced warship in Japan. In fact, the Shogunate forces tried to capture her in a nighttime raid:


    The failure of this raid resulted in the Meiji victory in the Battle of Hakodate Bay:


    I need to correct my earlier post -- both sides had modern steam-driven warships armed with cannon, but apparently only the Kôtetsu was an ironclad. Here's the Shogunate's flagship:


    Here's an overview of the war, so the battles can be seen in context:

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    --And that could be considered as a start to modern japanese navy~
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    Anyone knows the scale of the models?

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