Hiawatha Won't Run

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by fruitcop, Apr 18, 2003.

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    Help! I picked up a new/old MTH Hiawatha at an estate sale. It ran a time or two, then acted like it had a loose connection. By wiggling the cord between the tender and engine, it could be put back into motion. Then it just wouldn't help and refused to run. It isn't a protosoound model. The whistle won't operate now but the lights come on. Current applied directly to the electric motor gets a reaction.

    I suspect the small PCB which the black cord plugs into. Just what is this used for? Is this a good guess? I don't know of anyone in the far North West Washington area that does repairs. I'd like to be able to repair it myself, but don't know if just blindly replacing parts will help. Any comments appreciated. Yes, I am very new to trains and this is the first that I've tried to run.
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    Robert. I don't know where in NW Washington you are but there used to be a small shop in Ferndale that did repairs on engines. It is owned and operated by one old man and the one time I stopped in about 4 years ago, he was very polite. I bought a $98.00 engine from him.
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    If you were a little closer

    If you were a little closer and could rustle up some kind of schematic, something like jon-monon's idea in his "Idea: On-line Engine Data (Instruction Sheets)" post, I might could help. I haven't worked on engines specifically, but have done electronic repair for the last 30+ years. It sounds more like a bad connection if at one time you could wiggle the wire and make it work. The trick is deternining where the break is. As far as the whistle not working, that might be the same thing, or something that requires more work. I still have all my test equipment. I figured that it might come in handy when I start using my "ebay good deals." :D I'm in north central Oregon out in the middle of nowhere, so getting here is a chore. Wish I could help more. :(
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    Hi Robert,
    I suggest you have an authorized service person look at it. Early MTH engines were made to be hard for the average person to work on. MTH wanted all repairs to be sent back to the factory so they knew what was going wrong on what engines. They have realised that was not the brightest idea. I don't know anyone personally who does repair work in WA, but I can direct you to someone who will. Contact David Dansky of Toy Train Heaven at (360)576-1602 or e-mail him at trainheavb@aol.com David does not have a store, they do the Great American Train Shows. David specializes in prewar trains but he does deal in newer trains also and knows of a reputable repairman in WA. I forgot to mention, David is located in Ridgefield,WA. Steve
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    I want to thank everyone for their help. I found it useful. I did go to that little shop, but they suggested that I send it to Kirkland, WA. It involved a one day turnaround!
    Again Thanks

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